7 Cool Characteristics of a Taurus ...


Characteristics of a taurus I’m going to mention here will definitely make you appreciate this sign a lot more, understanding that stereotyped stubbornness definitely isn’t the one to define it. Taurus zodiac sign is actually very positive, peaceful, and great to have around and will bring a lot of stability into your life either as a friend, family member or a partner! But let’s cut the long story short and move straight to those interesting stuff you’re dying to see confirmed! And here are those awesome taurus traits you’ll have no choice but to love and respect:

1. Extremely Loyal

Whether we’re talking about love life, friendships or business relationships, loyalty certainly is one of the best characteristics of a taurus and something you can definitely count on! Taureans aren’t stupid, of course, which means the only way you’ll be able to enjoy that afore mentioned loyalty is by actually earning it! Be a good friend, partner or superior and you’ll see how cool it is to have a strong bull as an ally but trick him or betray and throw him off balance and you’ll get a taste of this bull’s explosive nature.

Super Consistent and Responsible All the Way