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7 Best Capricorn Traits ...

By Jelena

Characteristics of Capricorn are really unusual and unlike something you’ve ever got to witness with other Zodiac signs. And although this Earth sign tends to exhibit behavior typical for all signs whose element is Earth, there are a few that stand out and are worth getting to know even better. But let’s skip the long introduction this time because I’m really anxious to tell you more about this interesting sign and all Capricorn traits you need to keep your eyes open for:

1 Reliability

Responsible, hardworking and persistent, Capricorns are definitely the people you’ll want to hold on to their promises! These incredible, most stabile of all Zodiac signs are simply not build for making promises they can’t keep or accepting responsibilities they can’t deal with. They are literally like rocks – strong, unyielding, serious which is actually a good characteristic of Capricorns people really need to start appreciating more.

2 Dutifulness

Sense of duty may easily be one of the best characteristics of Capricorn, as that is what makes this Zodiac sign both great as a leader and great as a follower. Capricorns respect authority and expect the same from others, they are very firm when it comes to things that need to be done, yet know a fine line between a strong hand and an office bully. When given a task, Capricorn will move the Earth to get it done which is why these exceptional individuals almost always advance in their careers pretty fast.


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3 Fairness

Capricorns, just like all Earth signs, tend to be really fair in their decisions! And although they can be quite stubborn at times, they will always try to see things from both perspectives and work out a mutually beneficial solution. This Capricorn trait will definitely come handy in case you tend to get carried away too often as this practical, Earth sign won’t have a problem bringing you down to earth. This amazing quality also helps Capricorns in their careers, turning them into leaders people want to respect.

4 Thinking in Advance

Capricorn’s every decision is a result of careful deliberation, even in times when it doesn’t seem so! And being a bit of a reckless, emotional person who, quite honestly, can’t always think straight, I really need to point of how wonderful this Capricorn trait is! And not only that – having a Capricorn for a friend or spouse can really help set other, less grounded Zodiac signs straight, forming a strong, perspective union of two people that complete each other perfectly.

5 Patience and Calmness

They are patient, they are calm, completely unaffected by emotions and even passions! And although this can make Capricorns seem completely cold and disconnected, it’s actually what makes them happy! They don’t need drama, they have no interest in being all up in other people’s business and are ready to wait and wait as well as try and try until they reach their goal. Not sure if this is the best, but it sure is one of the most interesting characteristics of Capricorn, and I’ll even go so far to say that I don’t think any other Zodiac sign is quite like this.

6 Gentle and Friendly

But Capricorns aren’t socially unbroken, cold and quiet zombies! In fact, they actually happen to be quite friendly, nice and even gentle. They are not jealous, vindictive, will never hurt their loved ones in any way and are generally pretty patient and able to handle a lot! This characteristic of Capricorns can, unfortunately, often make them targets for nasty comments and downright dirty moves but, fear not, as people born in this sign rarely give their heart easily and will simply block any offending individuals.

7 Devoted

Capricorn won’t declare his undying love for you two days into your relationship, nor will he be in favor of rushing things. They are like that – slow, cautious, patient. They need their time to think things over, they value their logic over rainbows and butterflies but will love you forever should yours prove to be a perfect match. They rarely grow up to be the kind of folks who cheat and are super devoted to their chosen soul mates which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is one of those note-worthy characteristics of Capricorn, we all really ought to remember.

Have you managed to get a first-hand experience with any of these characteristics of Capricorn and, if yes, which Capricorn traits do you like the most?

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