13 Best Traits of an Aquarius ...


13 Best Traits of an Aquarius ...
13 Best Traits of an Aquarius ...

Characteristics of an Aquarius are what we need to have a chat about today, as it wouldn’t be fair nor right not to let you know how cool this zodiac sign is! I literally have five of them around to remind me how interesting, plentiful and worthy of respect Aquarius traits are and I’m sure you’ll think the same once you read this post. So take a peek at these cool Aquarius zodiac sign characteristics I’ve highlighted below and have fun discovering new reasons to help you love this sign even more:

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Aquarians are quite an intelligent lot and that’s something you really need to respect the hell out of them for! Not that I think other signs are less intellectually equipped, of course, it’s just that I’m surrounded by Aquarians and I’ve come to a conclusion that even the lazy ones manage to achieve amazing results with very little effort. Now imagine what happens when an Aquarius actually decides to put in some serious work! Or better yet, let me tell you! Honors, scholarships, early graduation… and that’s just the beginning! Bet you understand why this is the first of many superb characteristics of an Aquarius I wanted to share.



But intellect is hardly the only one of Aquarius' amazing traits! In fact, that’s what makes them such good speakers! Some of them are shy, others are quite loud but it’s no secret that, no matter how much or how little they talk, their words attract listeners. Even shy Aquarians tend to become much chattier once the subjects of their expertise and interests are mention and, oh boy, you can really learn a lot from them.



Be it life in general, business or love – Aquarians are generally a textbook example for rational thinking. They tend to come off as cold and disconnected but what they really are is practical. They can be romantic, of course, but they probably won’t call or text you 50 times a day just to let you know how much they love/miss you. They aren’t super interested in relationship-related dramas either and will usually try to avoid them. Now, I know that, for some, this might not be the best Aquarius trait ever but it’s something I really appreciate.


Aquarians won't sweep you off your feet with grand gestures or over-the-top proclamations of love. Instead, they show their affection in more subtle and meaningful ways. They value depth over drama, so if they share their carefully considered thoughts with you, it's a true sign of affection. Remember, when an Aquarius invests in the intellectual connection, they're laying down the roots for a strong, lasting bond. They excel in creating relationships based on mutual respect and understanding, and that surely counts for so much more than constant reassurance.



Aquarians have everything it takes to be a good leader and are more than happy to take the “job.” They are creative, driven, have a bag full of fresh ideas just like Felix the Cat and really, really would love a chance to make their own decisions and plan their own moves. That’s one of those good characteristics of an Aquarius. The bad one is that they may act quite bossy, barking out orders like there’s no tomorrow! But hey…no one is perfect!


Aquarians possess an innate ability to envision the bigger picture, which serves them well in leadership roles. They're not only innovative thinkers but also highly adept at motivating those around them. However, they need to watch out for their tendency to become overly eccentric in their methods or disconnected from their team's needs. When they manage to strike that delicate balance between groundbreaking leadership and approachable team player, they truly shine. After all, beneath that sometimes commanding exterior lies a true humanitarian spirit eager to lead with both passion and compassion.


At Peace with Themselves

Some people don’t feel comfortable being alone, spending time exploring the inner self, reflecting on things and events or simply enjoying the peace and quiet. Being a Libra, I do appreciate such qualities and love the fact that Aquarians can get quite inner-oriented at times! They love their moments of peace and quiet just like Libras do (which is definitely a cool Aquarius trait in my book), but are not as keen to share their thoughts and feelings, which may sometimes look “disconnected.” Chatty or not, you should definitely leave your Aquarius to his/her thoughts as that helps him/her be exactly who he/she is.



Are you following still? Well, good, because I have a few more Aquarius traits I’d love to share with you. Like this one, for example! Now, you may think this isn’t a big deal but having a friend, family member or a partner who is able to “see things clearly” could really help you a lot. Moreover, although not easily swayed, Aquarians will admit you’re right even if they don’t share your cause or opinions. Now isn’t a nod from a person who is not likely to change opinions like socks of greater worth? I sure think it is and I’m sure you’ll agree it deserved to find its place amongst these great characteristics of an Aquarius.


Loyal Friends or Partners

I thought to make this characteristic of an Aquarius really special and I’m sure you’re going to like it! Now, you’ve probably noticed that Aquarians don’t let a lot of people get really close but I’m sure you’d love to know that, once they do, it always turns into a long-term commitment. And whether we’re talking about friendships or relationships, it’s no secret that Aquarians choose their companions wisely and do not wish to let them go easily. They aren’t the easiest ones to impress, but manage to do so and you’ll have a loyal, fully committed companion to cherish.


Pleasing Personality

The Aquarius is a sign that is super people-pleasing. They love to please everyone that is around them and they don't like negativity to surround them at all. They want people to be happy and they will do everything that they can to make them happy.


Love Crowds

The Aquarius is typically a sign that absolutely loves to be in the middle of a crowd. They really blossom in crowds and they are certainly one of the few signs that thrive on the energy in crowds.


Great Conversationalists

As mentioned, Aquarians are incredibly intelligent. Given that, it's no surprise that stimulating conversation is something that the Aquarius in general craves. They want someone that is going to stimulate their body and their mind, so they love intellectual conversation that captivates them completely.



This is an eccentric sign that beats to their own drummer and will never follow a crowd. They want to be independent and they really want to do it all their own way.


They Love to Travel

The Aquarius loves to travel too. Being on the road is something that they crave and it is something that they need. They want their partner to let them have their freedom and to never, ever pin them down!


Adapt to Everything

Finally, this is by far one of the most adaptable sign to change. They don't mind it and they even have ideas on how to make things better. Their approach to things and how they take news is completely unpredictable and you never know what to expect!

What other characteristics of an Aquarius do you love? And if you could change just one thing about your beloved Aquarians, what would it be? I’d wish mine could be less stubborn but hey…nobody’s perfect! And these Aquarius traits mentioned above definitely prove that Aquarians are just as worthy of your love and respect as other zodiac signs.

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I found everything thing so accurate! Even the crowd part but it must be an interesting crowd that keeps you hooked. I've been married to a Libra and is my soul mate!. And yes there is a big difference in what day and month you were born as well what sign is your Ascendant.

7 Best Traits of An Aquarius ... --that's right bishesss (via Twitter)

Does us justice ! ^.*

I have two aquarius friends and they are complete idiots.

ok definitely not a good speaker, leader, i hate crowds and conversations or at piece with myself. everything else is spot on ;)

7 Best Traits of An Aquarius ...

This isn't like me at all

so true 😃

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