7 Admirable Qualities of a Leo ...


7 Admirable Qualities of a Leo ...
7 Admirable Qualities of a Leo ...

The qualities of a leo that I’m about to mention are probably something you’ve noticed your beloved Leonians aren’t lacking in, but you still have a bit of a problem deciding how to interpret and categorize them. Now, I know some characteristics of a leo might seem negative at first or at least quite questionable but, trust me, there’s so many positive traits you’ll love this sign for! And these following leo zodiac sign characteristics are definitely one of those that demand respect:

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Outgoing and Social

Similar to most kings, Leonians have that natural charisma, an instinct that tells them they do belong under the spotlight! They might seem a bit pushy or arrogant at first, but their amiable nature, unquestionable intelligence, and ability to appeal to people will win you over in no time making you one of their biggest fans! Generally very much on the dominant side, Leo dominates the crowds yet does it in a socially acceptable way and uses his intelligence and charm to capture attention! Don’t know about you, but I believe this is one of those qualities of leo that both shy and extremely social zodiac signs will appreciate.


Great Leader

Strong, dynamic, creative, and able to lead with a strong hand and a gentle word. Leadership in its true form is an undeniably fascinating characteristic of a leo you should definitely respect him or her for! Leonians are able to come up with some fascinatingly creative ideas, take risks others are not ready to take, convey messages with clarity and precision, and inspire respect and loyalty in their subordinates!



Speaking about interesting characteristics of a leo – these strong leaders are also incredibly ambitious and would love to take their chances in succeeding in something other’s are not brave enough or able to try! Business oriented Leonians won’t be fully satisfied until they reach a high place of power. Leonians involved with politics are probably secretly (or maybe even not so secretly) eyeing top government positions and the ones involved in charity work will strive to do great things! Leo always thinks big, remember that!


To the Point

Next on my list of must-know qualities of leo is this awesome, totally surprising lack of drama which, as a double Libra and a total drama queen, I just respect! A Leo knows what a Leo wants and a Leo knows how to get it done! They know how to communicate effectively as they describe their ideas, goals, strategies, and individual tasks in a way that will leave no subordinate or superior in the dark. But, will also act the same in their free time as well, letting friends, family members and love interests know exactly where they’re at! In fact, beating around the bush may easily be the only thing Leo can never hope to become absolutely brilliant at as his dominant nature leaves no room for such games!



If untainted by lies, treachery and cruelty, a Leo will grow up to become quite an idealistic individual. This leo zodiac sign characteristic actually makes him quite similar to a libra in this aspect! They will nurture traditional values, morals and even adopt many religious rules if they find them true and worth obeying. Some Leonians, however, can mutate into sneaky, corrupted individuals willing to walk over people, but those are more like personal weaknesses than actual characteristics of this zodiac sign and can be easily dismissed.


Magnetically Attractive

Lusty, passionate, and extremely sexual – Leonians might have their powerful wild side to thank for that aura of fatal attraction that surrounds them! They are sexy even when they are not conventionally good looking or super confident, and they are usually very successful in their romantic and erotic endeavors. But they aslo still possess a desire to love and be loved, and are more than willing to settle down… eventually!



Leonians love to live lavishly and enjoy all the finer things money can buy which can, in some cases, make them turn arrogant, pompous and snobbish, but it isn’t a bad characteristic in general. They are generous when it comes to their fancies, which means that if this zodiac sign is rich and powerful enough to live like a movie star, his loved ones will get to enjoy the same luxuries. Not bad, huh? See, I told you that this last one on my list of qualities of leo doesn’t have to be bad per se!

Did you have fun discovering these cool qualities of leo? Sure hope you did and that they’ve managed to shed a whole new light on those interesting Leonians in your life! I’d really love to know just how accurately these afore mentioned traits describe leonians you know, so drop me a comment below and do feel free to add an interesting quality of leo or two or some interesting fact you’ve managed to pick up by observing your beloved leo!

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I'm a leo!!!!!!!!!!!! I would say this just about sums me up.

Just wondering why Blake Lively's photo is used for this article when she is a Virgo. Just sayin'

I'm a Leo and this is so me!!!

100% me! Thanks Jelena for the article.

I'm a Leo and the complete opposite of this, I'm pretty shy and meek.

I'm a Leo but I'm not very charismatic :( I'm more of a shy person but when I get to n ow the person more i do get more charismatic is something wrong with me?!

This article is just based on sun signs. Your personality varies as there is other star signs in you.

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