13 Interesting Characteristics of a Scorpio ...


13 Interesting Characteristics of a Scorpio ...
13 Interesting Characteristics of a Scorpio ...

Characteristics of a Scorpio may surprise you quite a bit and I mean that in the most positive way! Now, isn’t that a surprise on its own! The thing is… Scorpios are often considered “cold”, “rude” and “walled in” and although that description may fit some, it’s hardly a rule for us to adopt! In fact, there are plenty of amazing Scorpio characteristics to help prove how great this Zodiac sign actually is. After all, they don’t call it the most powerful sign of Zodiac for nothing!

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Not Afraid to Tell the Truth

My ex BFF is a Scorpio and I’ve always but always admired her ability to look a person it the eye and tell him or her exactly how she feels about them! This first of many cool characteristics of a Scorpio can sometimes make them seem cruel but they really aren’t! What they want is a simple, non-fussy relationship with people, a relationship free of fake smiles and fake hugs and fake words. This amazing, totally admirable quality makes Scorpio a truly magnificent friend, especially if you enjoy honesty and are tired of people who say, “You look lovely” but think, “Your ass looks fat in those jeans!”.


Always Want to Make Your Ass Look Great!

But Scorpio won’t only tell you when your ass looks fat but do everything in its power to get you out of those unflattering jeans and into something that will enhance your appearance instead of degrading it! Even if that means passing you a favorite pair of his/her jeans, simply because they look good on you. A Scorpio will walk all over town just to find a perfect present for a loved one and do all kinds of nice things to surprise him or her. And in case you love home cooked meals made especially for you or melt whenever somebody remembers to buy you your favorite bar of chocolate, you’ll definitely love how thoughtful Scorpios are.


The Ideal Girlfriend

Although quite jealous at times, Scorpios generally are very good partners. They aren’t super into discussing their emotions but they will show you everything you’re hoping to see and feel! They are very romantic, incredibly passionate, totally magnetic but reliable and dedicated to their partners as well. The fact that they are looking for a meaningful type of relationship might be the best Scorpio trait ever, especially if you, too, happen to be that type of person. So, keep your eyes open and never dismiss a charming Scorpio based on stereotypes about this sign.


Planted on Earth but...

Speaking about nice Scorpio characteristics we dreamy and naïve Zodiac signs need to respect – don’t you just love the way Scorpios can’t be bought? Even when blinded by passion and half in love, a Scorpio will always be able to see through the kindnesses, detect ulterior motives and express an opinion on such things without even blinking. They're extremely practical, which is a great trait to have!


Reach for the Stars

Scorpios are quite ambitious and will never settle for less than what they are destined for which means you certainly must add persistence to your list of Scorpio characteristics! A Scorpio in general isn’t afraid to “work for it” and will gladly accept and endure all upgrades on both personal and professional level as long as that gets them closer to where they think they should be. Not a bad quality at all…especially not in today’s society!


Scorpios are known to be passionate and determined, and this is reflected in their ambitious nature. They are driven to reach the stars and will never settle for anything less than what they know they are capable of. Scorpios are also incredibly persistent and will not give up on their goals, no matter how difficult the journey may be.

Scorpios tend to be very independent and are not afraid to take risks and make their own decisions. They are also very intuitive, often relying on their gut instinct to guide them in the right direction. Furthermore, Scorpios are known for their loyalty and will always stand by their friends and family.

Scorpios are highly creative and often have a great eye for detail. They are also very resourceful and can come up with creative solutions to complex problems. They are also incredibly intuitive and can often sense when something is wrong or off.

Scorpios are known for their strength and resilience. They are not easily deterred and will never give up on their dreams. They are also incredibly intuitive and can often read people very well.


Bill Gates is a Scorpio, Just Saying

Super-smart and not afraid to take it to the next level, Scorpio’s inner, spiritual self is a force to be reckoned with! They are practical, straight-forwarded and down to earth like Taureans and Arieans yet have that Libraish, Virgoish side too. If you enjoy books and art, this is one of those characteristics of a Scorpio you are sure to find very interesting and highly admirable.


The "feeling"

My mom is a Scorpio, and I always sensed she had something stronger than "mother's intuition"! That didn't make things very easy for me growing up, but now I at least understand why! Scorpios are often lead by their very strong and accurate instincts; you know that "feeling" you get that you can't quite identify but know is there? That's your intuition. If you're a Scorpio, make sure you listen to it!


Shh... Don't Talk about Money

Scorpios often are good stewards of their money; they save, invest, and spend healthy amounts of their earnings. But ask them about it, and it's like waving a red flag in front of a bull! They don't like to talk about how much money they have—or how much they owe.


Guilty Pleasures

Even though they generally know how to manage money, the Scorpio-born have a tendency to splurge on their guilty pleasures. Whether it's Louis Voutton shoes or weekend cruises, even if they don't have the money, Scorpios will make the impossible possible to get what they want when they want it! It might sound reckless, but if it leads to a happier, less stressful lifestyle, well, carpe diem!


Who You Want to Get Stranded on an Island with

If you happen to find yourself in a horrible situation, whether it's financial, personal, or you're actually stranded on an island, you want to have a Scorpio by your side! This sign is the most resourceful of all the signs, therefore they’ll find a way to get out of any bad situation in order to return to their life of Louis Vouttons and weekend cruises.


The Energizer Bunny

Scorpios are basically the energizer bunnies of the zodiac signs. No one can control bad news, and we can rarely stop ourselves from reacting poorly to it. But the thing that helps Scorpios the most is that they rise up from the trenches of sadness faster than most of us. They know how to bounce back, get up on their feet and move on with their lives!


How Does That Make You Feel?

We’ve already discussed how Scorpios are both honest and kind, and because of that they have a strong desire to connect with the people they care about. They won’t just nod along and pretend to listen when you talk about your problems; Scorpios will empathize with you, they might even cry when you cry, and they’ll definitely offer you solutions to your problems. Dating or befriending a Scorpio is basically like having a free, personal therapist! Just make sure you don’t treat her that way!


Judges and Lawyers

Ah, well we saw it coming! After all, with all these best Scorpio traits listed and explained, one could come to a conclusion that this zodiac sign certainly has amazing perfspective and a bright future! You see, Scorpios are amazingly objective and totally able to look at things without putting themselves at someone else’s shoes which makes them amazing judges and even lawyers. They are very analytical and love to explore which means they would be great detectives. They can keep it cool even in the most stressful of situations so yup…they’d even make great secret agents! But since they speak so beautifully and are knowledgeable enough to make their words count, they could even find out that a job of a preacher is the perfect one for them!

Astrology has always endlessly fascinated me, mostly because I've found it incredibly accurate! Did any of these traits describe my Scorpio readers? Have you managed to spot any other interesting characteristics of a Scorpio? Do tell! I’m all ears!

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This is nothing I've experienced with my ex Scorpio. He was a narcissist , manipulating, controlling, had no empathy, a compulsive liar, a cheat, a mental and emotional abuser that couldn't grow up and be a man

I'm a Scorpio and I'm not like that at all, I'm highly sensitive and way too quiet sometimes, then again with my friends I'm hyper and loud?! What's wrong with me?

This related to me Perfectly epically when it said about being detectives as that's a future job I want

I think you hit the nail on the head. Scorpio rock!! ♏️

Im a scorpio and this is so accurate.

true true!!! :D

This is exactly me ! :) I think that the most scorpios like it to take the lead!

Do any of you guys feel like your fit a star sign that is different from the one you were born under? Fantastic article by the way.

this is so creepy because it's all true but I heard a lot of people don't like Scorpio I have know clue why because we're great

That intuition thing got me like Boom, yas! i knew I had something that others dont I had that feeling that could tell what is going to happen.

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