7 Characteristics of Charismatic People for Girls Who Want to Be More Outgoing ...

By Chelsie

7 Characteristics of Charismatic People for Girls Who Want to Be More Outgoing ...

While all charismatic people have unique personalities, there are some characteristics of charismatic people that give them their special qualities. Charismatic people have a remarkable ability to draw people toward them, they are well-liked, charming, and have lots of magnetism. Interestingly, some of the most charismatic people are politicians, which makes sense considering politicians need to be liked in order to obtain the votes they need to be successful. Although politicians and other charismatic people do seem to have natural charisma, you will be interested to know that not all of the characteristics of charismatic people are innate. According to a professor at the University of Hertfordshire, fifty percent of charisma comes naturally and fifty percent is learned. This means that it is possible for everyone to become more charismatic. All they have to do is cultivate the qualities that are charismatic.

1 Good Listening

hair, person, blond, screenshot, One of the characteristics of charismatic people is good listening. Charismatic individuals have extremely good listening habits, which means they are actively listening when other people are talking. To be an active listener, a person must be truly engaged in what the other person is saying. You can’t be texting your best friend when you are actively listening to someone. Because they are such good listeners, charismatic people are able to show interest and ask relevant questions about what the other person is saying. Asking questions and showing interest about what a person is saying makes them feel important, which is one reason people are drawn to charismatic individuals. Another reason charismatic people are so compelling is because they have excellent speaking abilities.

2 Good Speakers

hair, person, mouth, finger, hairstyle, When thinking of charismatic people, I often think of politicians. Politicians are some of the most charismatic people, in part because of their superb speaking abilities. To be charismatic you need to be both a good listener and a good speaker, and while listening may come easier to most individuals, speaking is often more difficult. However, there are several tips for improving your speaking abilities if you want to be as charismatic as a politician. Great speakers articulate their words and speak at a moderate pace. They also fluctuate their tone of voice and maintain eye contact with the audience. Doing these things engages the audience and keeps them interested, which is exactly what you want when you are working on becoming charismatic.

3 Authentic Smile

person, When charismatic people smile, they smile from within and their smile appears genuine. Even their eyes seem to smile, which makes their smile seem much more authentic. People respond to those who have genuine smiles, because genuine smiles are much more trustworthy. When you pretend to smile, other people can tell that you are not really smiling. As a result, they may not trust you as much. To avoid being perceived as untrustworthy and to build your charisma, always smile from within. Your whole face, including your eyes, should smile. Not only will you look genuine when you smile this way, but you will be showing how truly happy you are.

4 Posture

speech, Even if you don’t intend it to, your posture can say a lot about you. For example, slouching indicates that you don’t have a lot of confidence and that you are closed off to the world. Even if this may not be the case, it is often what people perceive when they see someone slouching. Conversely, when people see someone standing up straight with good posture, they take it as a sign that the person is open and has a lot of confidence. Since charismatic people tend to radiate confidence, they often have very good posture. If you would like to be more charismatic, you should practice standing up straight. Not only will you appear to be more confident, you will also be doing your back a favor!

5 Modest

hair, hairstyle, magazine, album cover, Charismatic people are often very successful, but they are also modest. Modesty is a trait that is very valued in society, and people tend to respond more favorably to modest individuals. No one likes it when someone toots their own horn, but almost everyone appreciates modesty. One reason modesty is an attractive quality is because it indicates that someone is confident enough in their abilities that they don’t feel it is necessary to draw attention to their success. Practicing being modest is a great way to boost your charisma. However, there is one word of caution about being modest. You should avoid being self-deprecating, because while people like modest individuals, being self-deprecating can make others uncomfortable.

6 Praise

hair, blond, hairstyle, While people may not like hearing other people praise themselves, people generally like receiving praise for their accomplishments. Charismatic people bestow praise on others and are quick to recognize accomplishments. They don’t give praise when it is not due, but they do genuinely praise someone when they have achieved something. Praising other people demonstrates that you think of others and care about their successes. This tends to draw people toward you because it gives you a little more charisma. Naturally, when praising someone, having more charisma shouldn’t be the first thing on your mind. Their accomplishments should be what you are focusing on.

7 Remember Names

hair, human hair color, clothing, blond, hairstyle, Remembering names can be very difficult, but it is something charismatic people are very good at. Remembering names is important because it shows people you care, and it makes people feel special. If you are like me and have trouble remembering names, there are a few tricks you can try. Repeat the person’s name several times during your conversation with them. This will reinforce their name in your memory. You can also think of a trait that reminds you of their name. For example, you can try to remember that “Barbara is blond.” If these tricks don’t work, you can always wait to see if someone says the person’s name first. At least this way you won’t get their name wrong!

Charismatic people are some of the most successful people. They make good leaders and they are often well liked. Although half of charisma is innate, the other half is learned, which means everyone can be more charismatic by practicing the characteristics that charismatic people have. What charismatic quality comes naturally to you?

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