7 Characteristics of an Aries You'll Love ...


7 Characteristics of an Aries You'll Love ...
7 Characteristics of an Aries You'll Love ...

Ladies, there’s so many wonderful characteristics of a Aries that I can’t wait to tell you more about! You see, my husband is an Aries, my brother is an Aries, and some of my best friends are born in this sign as well. If I could name just one thing that I’ve learn from spending time with them, believe me, I’d have a hard time picking just one of the many amazing Aries qualities to applaud for! Luckily, I don’t have to choose just one, so I’ll just use a bit more space and list my favorite 7 Aries zodiac sign traits. Give them a look, shall you!

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One of the best and in the same time worst characteristics of an Aries is that unlimited, almost naïve level of trust they let others use and abuse! I happen to know a lot of Arians and, trust me, they all have their own sad story to tell and it almost always has to everything to do with being backstabbed, cheated on or scammed! If you’re a good person and wouldn’t dream about taking advantage of your beloved Arian, you’ll definitely feel great for knowing that you have someone who trusts your every word and has faith in your every action. I know I do!


However, this unwavering trust can also lead to Aries' hearts being broken more often than necessary. It's like they wear a sign saying, “Handle With Care,” yet find themselves in the hands of those who can't appreciate the vulnerability. This aspect of their character can often lead them into trouble, but it also makes them irresistibly charming to those who truly respect and honor their trust. They are the ones waiting with open arms, ready to believe in the good in people—a rare and precious quality in today's world.



Ah, well isn’t this one of those Aries traits I just can’t allow myself to forget! You see, ladies, if you have an Arian for a husband or boyfriend, you’ll always have a few friends who are secretly green with envy. They may even hate you a bit for having such a romantic significant other that never forgets birthdays or anniversaries, and is trying to exceed himself each year! Arians are not show-offs, it just comes naturally. They will not stop jumping through hoops to do something nice for you once they are sure they’ve won your love! Arians are romantic when they love someone and if that lucky person is you, definitely get ready for an adventure!



Hate boring, slow people and jobs that keep dragging on, and on, and on? Who knows, you might have a bit of Arian in you as well! You see, although this Aries quality might make him seem a bit nervous, the real truth is that this zodiac sign hates slow-paced people and activities! That’s actually a good thing because you’ll never get bored around The Ram. If you know him or her well enough to ask for a few favors, you can certainly expect a super-fast turnaround!



Speaking about cool characteristic of an Aries, let’s not forget their crazy energy levels! People who are Aries love to indulge in a lot of outdoors activities, so I hope you’re feeling a bit outdoorsy yourself as he will definitely ask you to pitch in! As intimidating as he might sound at first, a Ram won’t try to force you into anything. But, his dominant nature will prevail and he’ll manage to drag you into it slowly, making you realize sports are not as boring as they seem to be! Trust me, I know what I’m talking about!



Similar to Taurus, Arians happen to be very careful with their money which, although rational and sensible, when seen through the eyes of someone who loves all the fine things life has to offer, might make him appear frugal. Fear not as Arians aren’t cheap and will never think twice about spending money on people they love. They also will, thanks to their rational take on personal finances, always have something on the side ready to be borrowed in case their loved ones are going through a rough time!



Devoted, loving, responsible, yet strict and authoritative - an Arian is a perfect parent. They will raise their children to become well mannered, good people with strong moral values and beliefs! An Arian will never turn his/her back to kids and will do everything in their power to provide a good life for the family! And I believe the next one on my list of Aries zodiac sign traits deserves a huge round of applause. Don’t you agree?



Although Arians are similar to Leonians when it comes to erotic pleasures, you’ll rarely see them cheating! They might take their time when it comes to settling down but once they find love, they truly are devoted to their core! The only thing that might make an Arian turn his back on you is the lack of love, support, and commitment from your side. But even then, an Arian will more likely seek to clear things out than settle with sneaking behind your back! Amazing, isn’t it? Well, this might be the last on my list of characteristics of an Aries but it’s sure impressive enough to leave you longing to meet a handsome example of this amazing sign!

Which interesting characteristics of an Aries have you managed to spot and is there an Aries quality you find especially important and praise-worthy? Do tell!

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I'm an Aries and I've been told of each trait to its true core. I can definitely say that you will NOT see these traits out of an Aries unless they are truly in love with that person. I can say so for myself. :-)

I love my Aries!

i completely, whole heartedly agree with above comment. "Any woman who can deal with an aries guy needs a metal. I've given up on them."

7 characteristics of an Aries you'll love. The first one is so true to the point I'm agreeing with both feet! - (via Twitter)

ariens are not at all romantic ! i had a aries guy for 6 years ! he never came up with flowers or chocolates or any small surprises !

Any woman who can deal with an Aries guy needs a medal. I've given up on them.

7 Characteristics of an Aries You'll Love ... (via Twitter)

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