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7 Best Qualities of a Gemini Sign ...

By Jelena

Qualities of gemini sign are numerous although they often do not reveal themselves on the first look! Look twice, though, and you’ll find that your loved one has many traits and that there’s way more to Gemini zodiac sign than what meets the eye. Often seen as impulsive, short-tempered and superficial, people born in this sign do have a lot to offer and here are some Gemini sign qualities to look for should a Geminian prove to be your next love interest or a best friend in making:

1 Social Skills

Inquisitive, opinionated, talkative and with multiple interests – Geminians are fun to be around! They are not always in the mood for company, of course, but once they find themselves in a group of people, you can definitely count on them and their social skills. Your beloved Gemini might be a bit head-strong and desperate to prove his/her point at home, amongst folks who know him or her well yet won’t try to pull off the same routine with strangers and will gladly pull out a smile and a “to each their own” card once a dynamic, interesting debate starts turning into an unpleasant clash of opinions. They don’t like to be embarrassed in public and will not do the same to you which is one of the qualities of gemini you might find especially interesting in case you care a lot about such things.

2 Sharp

Smart yet often too lazy to fully exploit their full mental capacity, Geminians know a bit about everything and learn new things very easily. Their knowledge is usually a result of a very sharp mind rather than books and stuff as they are not fond of traditional learning methods yet there are always some who have managed to find a perfect balance between those two and pave their path to success many can only dream of!

3 Strong

One of the best qualities of gemini and something I value them greatly for is an extremely strong personality and a character to match! Some people crash and burn easily but that’s not the case with Geminians who do appreciate a helping hand but get quite agitated in case they realize there is a whole fire department on standby! They have emotions, of course, and can fall victim to them just as anyone else but are able to deal with the situation extremely well and make very good decisions. They are head-strong and can get quite jumpy if poked often and on the right spot so be ready for a hard fight in case you’re about to launch an attack on their ideals, loved ones or anything else they feel passionate about.

4 Generous

Speaking about gemini sign qualities you might find interesting – if you have Geminians in your family, you probably know they usually have a secret (or maybe not so secret) stash which they will be more than willing to share should you ever fall into financial difficulties. A Gemini will often spend the last few bucks he or she has on your birthday present and will give up something he or she needs without even thinking twice about it, all based on the fact that a loved one needs it more. Now, I don’t know about you but I think this is a really admirable quality in general and the fact that it doesn’t come as naturally for a lot of zodiac signs makes it even more special.

5 Loyalty

For a sign depicted as extremely lying and conniving, Geminians tend to be quite loyal to their friends and family! It’s rarely a peaceful, idyllic relationship to be sure (all thanks to their explosive nature) but that doesn’t stop Gemini from protecting his own! In fact, in case you have a Gemini for a BFF or a sibling, you can rest assured that short temper will be put into a good use sooner or later!

6 Fair

Although representatives of a Gemini zodiac sign are believed trifle and quite skilled in telling lies, you really mustn’t allow yourself the liberty of passing judgment too soon! Furthermore, my experience with this sign is quite positive and cannot be further from that typical, two-faced stereotyped Gemini we’ve all heard or read plenty about. They can hang out with people whom they aren’t particularly fond of but they will never allow it to turn into a friendship, are more likely to be straightforward than prone to sugarcoating and will let you know where you’re at, why is that so and what to expect.

7 Excellence

Last but not the least – if we’re going to discuss the qualities of gemini, we shouldn’t forget how passionate they can get about things. It doesn’t happen too often as Geminians love to keep things interesting and will often scrape the surface of many things then swiftly move to greener pastures without even bothering with further research or follow-ups yet, once they discover their true passion, they will pursue it to the point of excellence!

Are there any other great qualities of gemini you’ve managed to “pick up” and feel like sharing? Do tell! I’m sure there are plenty of cool reasons to be proud for either being a Gemini zodiac sign or having one on your list of Very Important People life just wouldn’t be the same without!

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