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So girls, you asked for the characteristics of a cancer post and we delivered! All of the zodiac signs are so wicked cool, but in this post, we're going to focus in on the coolest and unique characteristics of a cancer that you might not have known! For example, did you know that each and every zodiac sign has a lucky flower? What about a lucky day? Well girls, these unique characteristics of a cancer are going to be outlined below – take a look!

1. Lucky Flowers: Daisies & Wallflowers

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Now, this is something that I didn't know at all – there is such a thing as wallflowers and they, along with daisies happen to be one of the unique characteristics of a cancer! These are their lucky flowers and honestly, they are so different than any other zodiac's flowers! So all you cancers, get yourself some wallflowers and daisies and place them around your house! They are good luck!

2. Lucky Day: Monday

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Now, I actually hate Mondays, because I have to go back to work, but for a cancer, one of the unique and different characteristics of a cancer, this is actually their lucky day! So girls, are you thinking about asking your crush out? Do it on a Monday, it's your lucky day!

3. Prone to Mood Swings

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One of the characteristics of cancer that you might not know about is that they are actually prone to mood swings. At one point a cancer might want to party and live it up, then the next moment a cancer could become a little sulky. It's all down to the zodiac ladies, don't worry about it! At least, now you know about it!

4. Very Facial Feature-Oriented

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One cool characteristics of cancer is that they are very facial feature-oriented, which means that you can always tell what they are thinking, if you look close enough! Whether they are laughing their head off or just smiling shyly, you can always tell exactly what a girl is thinking if she's a cancer right through her face!

5. Rare for a Cancer to Take Revenge on Someone

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Another characteristic of a cancer is for them never to take revenge out on someone. Of course, they get upset easily, but that doesn't mean that they are going to hold that against the person or even seek to gain revenge on them. Instead, ti may just take them a while to get over it and to move on.

6. Personal Life is Personal

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When it comes to the cancer sign, a cancer's personal life is their personal life. They don't like to share a whole lot of facts about themselves, nor do they really like to give up a lot about their activities or what they've been doing. Trust me ladies, this is a huge characteristic of a cancer that a lot of people overlook.

7. Never Impulsive

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While a cancer might not be the first person to jump into a lake with all of their clothes on, there are a lot of characteristics of a cancer that are awesome! They are never impulsive though. They won't be the first to rescue someone, but they will come at the last minute.

8. Each and Every Experience Affects a Cancer

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Finally ladies, the last characteristic of a cancer that you might not realize is that each and every experience affects a cancer. If you did something awesome for them, they will remember it. However, that in turn means that if you did something to hurt them, they will remember it for a really long time.

So girls, there you have it! You asked for all of the characteristics of a cancer to look for and we delivered! What's your favorite characteristic of a cancer? Do you have one? Give it up!

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