7 Positively Cool Characteristics of a Virgo ...


7 Positively Cool Characteristics of a Virgo ...
7 Positively Cool Characteristics of a Virgo ...

Characteristics of a Virgo are our topic for the day, my ladies, just as you’ve asked! I don’t know a lot of Virgos, though, just one or two perhaps but I’m sure we can team up to get a closer look at that super-interesting Virgo personality and determine which are the best Virgo zodiac sign traits and why! Are you ready? Well, here’s what I’ve managed to pick up:

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The first on my list interesting characteristics of a Virgo is independence and an amazing ability to get even the hardest of jobs done completely alone from beginning to end! Virgo, unlike a few other zodiac signs, won’t present you with an idea and expect you to make it happen or rely on your help at all – a Virgo envisions, a Virgo does and the only thing left for you to do is admire the results! Pretty neat, isn’t it?



And with that said, the only logical conclusion is that intelligence is pretty much a Virgo zodiac sign trait that goes without saying! Their mind works like a finely tuned Swiss clock, processing an incredible amount of data and presenting a detailed solution for the problem! They are very analytical, have extremely good memory and are blessed with an amazing ability to see through person’s words and façade and pick up real intentions and ulterior motives.



Blessed with an brilliant analytical mind, Virgos absolutely need to count in all factors before they are ready to make a decision. This might make them seem slow and indecisive at times (which is probably one thing rushed Aries would never be able to fully cope with) yet it does produce some amazing results which is why I believe it definitely deserves its place on the list admirable characteristics of a Virgo. Thanks to their analytical skills, Virgos are always able to provide their friends with a good piece of advice yet tend to come off as highly introvert as they are constantly thinking and trying to process information found in their environment.



Virgos love to think, would never pass a good brainstorming session and are super happy when aware just how much friends, family or human kind needs them! In case they decide to follow their dreams and become detectives, Virgos will live a happy, fulfilled life and use their skills to the max…if not, they will still find something to be happy about and will gladly play the role of your very own private eye, an advisor or a consultant!



Virgos absolutely hate messes, even totally creative ones which means you should pick up after yourself in case you don’t want to be confronted with a detailed, well thought-out list of everything you’ve managed to misplace or plainly mess up during the week! Believe me, they can’t work or live in a state of chaos and will complain! In case you happen to enjoy neat, orderly surroundings as well, you’ll definitely see this characteristic of a Virgo as a positive one, thanking Fate for sending you such a wonderful spouse/family member/roommate each time you enter the house and find in as perfectly organized as you’ve left it!


Fond of Interesting Hobbies

Want to hear a bit more about interesting characteristics of a Virgo? Well, in case you’re into collectibles, you’ll definitely want to know your Virgo friend or partner might be persuaded to join you in your hobby! Virgos love everything that allows them to exhibit they neatness and perfectionism and will gladly help you build up your collection of stamps or even adopt a whole new healthy lifestyle or embrace alternative medicine with you.



Being a sign that symbolizes earth, Virgo isn’t overly spiritual and it’s periods of introversy shouldn’t be observed in that light. Virgos are actually quite practical, happy when well grounded and dedicated to their work as long it allows them to keep their neat, well organizes lifestyle. When you see a Virgo lost in her thoughts you should know she’s trying to find logical explanations and practical solutions for life’s problems. Not sure if this could qualify as one of the best characteristics of a Virgo but it sure it a useful one in case rash actions are your middle name!

Have I managed to list every Virgo zodiac sign trait or there are still quite a few my Virgos haven’t shown me so far? Well, hope you’ll help me spot them by revealing some of the characteristics of a Virgo I might have failed to note!

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I think that this perfectly describes me :) especially the weird hobbies part, i've been collecting rubber ducks sense i was 7! I guess thats why I'm a virgo ;D

My room is rarely ever neat, but I do get mad at others if they're messy, or if they mess up my already disorganized room :/

I'm spot on for all of this except neat, creative messes ftw!

Right on point for me

My friend is a Virgo, and I guess it's very accurate for her. Technically I SHOULD be a cancer (July 7), but I identify myself as a scorpio because my personality is like a scorpio's and nothing like a cancer.

Just shared this post (via Twitter)

yah haha im not exactly neat and orderly but the rest is perfect!

7 Positively Cool Characteristics of a Virgo ... Ahemm xixixi

7 Positively Cool Characteristics of a Virgo ... Sounds like me.. Almost all of it! (via Twitter)

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