7 Wall Paint Colors That Affect Your Mood ...


So you're thinking of repainting your home.

Well, you may not know this, but the color you choose can very well determine the mood or mindset someone will be in when they enter a particular room.

I'm here to show you some wall paint colors that can affect your mood and what kinds of rooms would benefit or suffer based on which color you choose.

1. Red

Red is known to raise a room's energy level.2

It is a great color for the living room or dining room because it will draw people together and start conversation.

Not to mention red has been known to stimulate your appetite!

It would even do well in an entryway because it creates a strong first impression.

Red is not recommended in bedrooms or any other room where you want to unwind and relax because it may be too stimulating.

2. Yellow

Yellow captures the essence of the sun and gives off a feeling of happiness.

This color is best used for small spaces or as an accent color.3

Although this color is usually considered a cheerful, yellow can have some negative effects.

Of all the colors, yellow is hardest on the eyes, and it may stimulate your frustration and anger.

It is not recommended for bedrooms and some studies have even shown that babies will cry more in a yellow room than in any other color.2

3. Blue

Blue is the most relaxing of colors.

Blue has been known to lower blood pressure as well as slow respiration and heart rate.

Because of this, it is considered calming which makes it the perfect color for bedrooms and bathrooms.2

Blue is also said to increase production by calming the mind and allowing creativity to flow which makes it a great fit for an office.

Avoid using this color in the living room, kitchen or other rooms where you tend to be more active.

The calming affect in these types of rooms can make you feel sluggish and even depressed.

Be careful when choosing your hue of blue as well, as some hues can give a chillier feel to a room.

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