8 Lovely Tea Party Ideas...


My sweet friend Shawna tweeted the prettiest photo of her nieces's tea party and I was instantly inspired to write a post about lovely tea party ideas.

But I knew that she was the one who could inspire us all the most with her words, fun photos, and ideas.

I'm so happy that Shawna is here today to give us all some inspiration on how to not only host a lovely tea party but how to have a great gathering with family and friends...

"Hi everyone!

It is Shawna from Poppies and Sunshineand I am so honored to be guest posting again here at All Women Stalk!

Today I am going to share with you 8 Tea Party Ideas!

I think tea parties are wonderful to have no matter how old you are!

They are a great way to socialize with friends in a special setting.2

Tea parties do not have an exact science.

The most important thing is to have fun with the whole process!"

1. Choosing a Theme: Fun Tea Party Ideas...

Choosing a Theme: Fun Tea Party Ideas...

"This isn't necessary, but can be lots of fun!

You can choose just about any theme for a tea party, such as the Alice in Wonderland theme pictured above with all the clocks.

If you enjoy literature, have a book-themed tea party.2

Like Paris?

Have a French theme!"

Tea Party Invitations...
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