Nerdy Girls Will LOVE 💌 These 7 Monthly Subscription Boxes ...


I'm a nerdy girl, and proud of it!

It has its advantages: you get to be smug when you catch a pop culture reference, and because in general, our pop culture is so much better than the mainstream.

But what's one thing non-nerd girls have had that we haven't?2

Subscription boxes...

but that ends now.

Here are 7 monthly subscription boxes my fellow nerdy girls will love.

1. Pipsticks

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I love snail mail in all its forms (except junk mail, which is no bueno).

The stationery, the postcards, the stickers!

So of course, I love Pipsticks, a monthly stickers-and-stationery subscription.

They start at $9.95 a month, which is nothing, really, when you consider all the joy you'll be receiving.

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