11 Creative and Cute DIY Notebooks ...


Today we look into an area of paper crafts that I truly love: DIY notebooks and journals.

This list of DIY notebooks is somewhat a continuation of our back-to-school crafts, but it's not exactly season-specific.

You can make these DIY notebooks or journals any time of the year, really.

Have fun with these!

1. Wallpaper


You might think that binding a DIY notebook is very complicated, but it really isn't.

Using white glue, craft paper, and unused wallpaper, you can make a pretty notebook in less than an hour.2

The best part, of course, is that you have infinite options when it comes to the cover design.

2. Pencil Keeper

Pencil Keeper

How cute!

For this particular notebook tutorial, you will no longer need to make or cut the pages.

A store-bought composition notebook will take care of the interior.

The cover, however, is where you will let your creativity shine.

3. Fabric Cover

Fabric Cover

I have made fabric notebook covers like this several times.2

They are easy and cute projects, especially if you add patchwork details as shown above.

And yes, this is a fun way to use fabric scraps.

You can also use this tutorial for making a cover for your organizer.

4. Leather


How gorgeous!

This DIY notebook looks like it came from a factory, doesn't it?2

To make something similar, you will need a hardbound notebook, thin leather, book glue, and pretty paper.

Basically, what you will do is cover the notebook with the leather and add strips to fasten.

5. Card Stock

Card Stock

The bookbinding method featured here is a teeny bit more complicated compared to the first tutorial but it's a must-know for those interested in paper crafts.2

These DIY notebooks have card stock pages and chipboard covers and spines.

They look professionally-done and gorgeous.

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