13 Crafty Ways to Decorate with Maps ...


Ways to Decorate with Maps are perfect crafty projects for those who are always gripped by wanderlust.

Whether you do actually use your passport often or you simply like to explore the world right in your living room (via travel blogs), I'm sure you will love these crafty ways to decorate with maps.


1. Lamp Shade

Lamp Shade

Isn't this fabulous?

If there is one thing better than a plain map, it's a map that lights up.

This particular way to decorate with maps is great as well because it's incredibly easy to do.

If you have a shade that doesn't taper, you'll find this craft project fun and easy.2

2. Canvas Map Wall Art

Canvas Map Wall Art

Here is another way to decorate with maps that will surely be easy to do.

I love this idea because it has that multi-art mosaic feel.

Plus the blue of maps always makes me smile.

3. Coasters


From Martha: Don't stash away or discard maps from your favorite vacation spots.

Use them to make these handy coasters and you'll be reminded of that special destination every time you reach for one.

Yep, sounds like a fantastic idea.

4. Bunting


Are you organizing a travel-themed party?2

It will not be complete without this pretty bunting.

This is a fantastic way to decorate with maps because it requires only a few materials.

Plus, yeah, that bias tape is a pretty blue.

5. Love Map

Love Map

This is a wall art showing the place where you and your love met, got married, and live now.

How sweet!

I bet this will make for a wonderful anniversary or Valentine's Day gift.

6. Mapped Letter

Mapped Letter

There are many creative ways to decorate those large letters you see at the craft store.2

Using a map to cover them is one of the more fun methods.

I am loving the brown edges of this beautiful A.

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