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Have you ever tried to make over a room within a day? Sounds crazy, right? Not so. Reinventing your home doesn’t need to take a massive amount of time or planning, and you definitely don’t need outside help, or masses of home decoration magazines. If you’ve got the time (and the drive!) to make over a room within a day, the transformation is totally possible.

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Throw Things Away…

Ever wondered how that room that you carefully planned looks so different? Why doesn’t the furniture still look amazing, and the décor make you smile? Well, it tends to be down to one simple problem – clutter. Whether it’s old post, magazines, kid’s stuff, make up, piles of things build up, and the room turns into a mess. Make a real effort to sort everything out. Throw away anything you don’t want or need, and find a home for everything else. It’s well worth the time. It’ll also make attempting to make over a room within a day much easier!


Add a Rug…

Especially if you’ve got a hard floor! Rugs are a great way to add more warmth to a room, as well as a touch of a new pattern, texture or color. Get exploring and see what you can find to liven up your floor. A bright yellow zebra print rug, for example, will look amazing on a black floor, and add a neon pizzazz to the room.


Paper the Walls…

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be boring. There’s a whole variety of different styles available, from bold patterns like monochrome stripes and bright florals to delicate pencil drawings of animals or butterflies. You don’t need to do the whole room either – I updated my room by covering one wall in red and white butterflies last year, and it took less than three hours. It’s fresh, easy to change and very chic!


Let There Be Light…

You should have one main light in each room, along with feature lighting to highlight particularly fantastic décor or furniture, like an antique set of drawers or a great painting, and functional lighting, such as a lamp for reading or desk lighting. Mix and match your lighting styles (and strengths) for a very professional look with not much effort – and don’t be afraid to test out different bulb colors, either.



Feeling crafty? Make over your old headboard, chairs or sofas using bold new materials. You can often buy large amounts of material for cheap, along with hardware that will offer an instant update, and it’ll create a completely unique look! If you aren’t creative, check out your thrift stores and homeware stores instead. You might find someone has done the hard work for you!


Choose a Color…

Adding a whole new color scheme to a room might feel daunting – so stick with the colors you have. Analyze your current décor and pick out the leading colors. One time you might want to play up the pink in your wallpaper with curtains containing the same shade and a pink chair, for example, and the next time swap your pink accessories for green or orange instead. As long as you pick a color that’s already in the scheme, it’s not a daunting task.


Add a Piece…

Yesterday I saw a gorgeous statement item I’d love to own – a handcrafted wooden bear. Unfortunately my wallet doesn’t quite stretch to the stunning piece yet, but if yours does, invest in an amazing piece for your room. Depending on your budget and style, you could opt for anything from a fancy aquarium to a flash fireplace, modern light, canvas or stunning ornament. It’s sure to have an impact.

One day is all it really takes to give your room a whole new look, and help you fall in love with your décor again. Then add a fresh bunch of flowers, which adds a focal point and is sure to boost your mood, and sit back to enjoy your new surroundings. Which room would you love to make over? Let me know!

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My bedroom could use a makeover, mostly de-cluttering. Good ideas here

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