10 Ways to Use a Fabric Softener Sheet ...


10 Ways to Use a Fabric Softener Sheet ...
10 Ways to Use a Fabric Softener Sheet ...

Fabric Softener Sheet technology is one thing that has made laundry easier for the modern woman! We can now have soft, static-free clothing all thanks to the fabric softener sheet. But did you know that there are more ways to use a fabric softener sheet besides in your dryer? There are so many handy things you can do with a fabric softener sheet! I have found them to be quite useful around the house and I'd love to share them today. Here are 10 ways to use a fabric softener sheet for your benefit and advantage!

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Dish Washer

We all hate scrubbing baked-on food off of pots and casserole dishes. The good news is, if you have a fabric softener sheet handy, you won't have to! Fill the dish with water and put a fabric softener sheet inside. After soaking overnight, the baked-on food will come right off!


Trash Control

I've never smelled a trash can that was fresh and clean smelling-until I tried out this little tip! Placing an unused fabric softener sheet at the bottom of your wastebaskets under the bag will help keep odors minimized and at bay. This little tip is really handy especially if you have smaller contained rooms or live in a small place such as a dorm room or an apartment.


Pet Hair

A fabric softener sheet is perfect for collecting pet hair! You simply rub the sheet over the desired area and it magnetically attracts the loose hairs. I like to keep a sheet in my coat pocket during winter to wipe off the pet hair from my coat.


Dust Bunnies

You may not know this, but fabric softener sheets naturally repel dust! I've found that rubbing an unused sheet over my blinds and vents will help prevent dust from settling so thick. Of course, you want to clean either of these areas first, but trust me, this little tip really works. Why not make it easier on yourself if you can, right?


Shoe Stop

Want to have sweet smelling feet? Try sticking a fabric softener sheet in each shoe when you take it. This will help deodorize them and nix the stale, stinky foot odor from the day! In the AM, your shoes will be all perky and ready to go-minus the odor!


Bathroom Cleaning

A fabric softener sheet can be used to help dissolve hard-to-remove soap scum off of your shower, bathroom sink and tile floors. You simply need to wet down a fresh sheet and scrub the offensive area until the scum disappears! Your bathroom will be shiny and as good as new with this little tip. Give it a try!


Bug Repellant

A fabric softener sheet is a perfect bug repellant! Tuck a few sheets into your picnic basket and stow them away under lawn chairs and taped under your tables to discourage bugs away from your party. You can even rub a sheet all over your body to avoid being bitten or annoyed by pesky mosquitos and flies! Just avoid getting it into your eyes.


Sewing Needles

Here's a little tip to keep in mind if you like to sew. Run your fully threaded needles through a fabric softener sheet after you tie the end off. This will prevent the thread from tangling as you sew! I know this idea will be useful to you ladies who mend or sew things often.


Car Scents

Keep your car fresh with fabric softener sheets! Stashing a few in your glove box, under your seats, and in the pockets of your car door will bring a fresh burst of scent every time you open or close the doors and windows. This is a much less expensive alternative to a pricey car freshener that only lasts a few weeks, don't you think?


Rodent Repeller

One of the least expected ways to use a fabric softener sheet is as a rodent repeller! Mice, rats, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks and other small rodents don't like the smell fabric softener sheets put out so they will steer clear of any area you have them in. Place a few sheets in campers, basements, attics, storage closets, drawers, garages, boats, clubhouses and other areas that aren't used on a daily basis.

As you can see, there are many creative and frugal ways to use a Fabric Softener Sheet! I hope my list gave you some great ideas to try out. The good thing about fabric softener sheets is that they smell very good and you get a lot for your money when you use these tips I have provided for you today How do YOU plan to use a fabric softener sheet?

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I would like to mention that placing a Fabric Softener Sheet (Bounce) in you cap, while working outdoors (mowing lawn), will keep these pesky bugs away from your face.

if you wash them you can use them as hankies esp for kids - then if they lose them it's cost little..

You missed my favourite one: When hair is all over the place because of static, you just rub it over your hair :) or a quick fix for a sweater with a lot of static!

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