7 Ways to Start Prepping for Summer ...

It may be cold out, but it is never too early to focus on the many ways to prep for summer. It will creep up on you sooner than you think. Now is the best time for you to think about how much fun you are going to have this summer! So here are some of my favorite ways to prep for summer. Hope it gets you as excited for summer as I am!

1. Make Your Bucket List

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Starting to plan all of your fun summer activities is one of the best ways to prep for summer. You have 3 whole months of sun, sand, and whatever you want to do. Start putting together the perfect summer bucket list to make sure you do everything you can think of. It can range from vacations to your summer reading list. Whatever helps you get the most out of your summer.

2. Start Eating Healthy

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Eating healthy is not only great to get in perfect bathing suit weather, it will get you excited for all the delicious food summer has to offer. From watermelon, to pineapple, to strawberries, summer has some of the most delicious fruit. Try to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet in the few weeks leading up to summer. It is the perfect way to get your mind and body prepped for summertime.

3. Get in Extra Cardio

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Why just leave it at your diet? One of the many great ways to prep for summer is to get in some extra cardio. While most people go gym crazy and spend every waking minute working out, you don’t have to go overboard. Try to walk as much as possible and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Small things like this can have a huge impact in getting your dream beach bod.

4. Put Together the Perfect Playlist

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One of my favorite things about summer is the awesome fun and upbeat music that goes along with it. The perfect summer playlist is whatever music gets you excited to lay out on the beach, go on a road trip, go out with friends, or just lounge around the pool. My personal favorite summer playlist has just the right combination between country music and techno. No matter what music you listen to, you can always find the perfect music to get you more than excited for summer.

5. Update Your Wardrobe

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Go into the back of the closet where you’ve hidden your short shorts, crop tops, and bikinis and let them see the light of day. No matter what body type you are, summer is the time to flaunt what you’ve got. Summer clothes are so much fun because you can have more freedom with color and patterns than you can with the other seasons. So bring out the summer basics and try to incorporate some fun summer trends into your wardrobe.

6. Get the Perfect Bathing Suit

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Summer means one thing... bathing suits. For every style, there is your perfect bathing suit out there, and finding the right one is a huge way to prep for summer. It is never too early to start looking for that perfect bathing suit that flatters your figure and makes you feel amazing. This season retro styles suits, floral patterns, boudoir-inspired, and pops of bright color are all on trend. So have fun with some of these awesome styles!

7. Stock up on Sunscreen

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I cannot stress how important it is to wear sunscreen all summer long. This is probably the number one way to prep for summer. Even if you are just going out for a walk, you need to slather on the sunscreen. Make sure to reapply often, especially if you are at the pool or beach. Even the smallest of burns can have a huge impact on the health of your skin. Every time you get a sun burn it increases your chances of getting skin cancer. If you are really that concerned about being pale this summer, try a self tanner instead of laying out in the sun with SPF 5. You skin will thank you in the end.

Summer is my favorite season not only because I get off from school but because it means so much fun in the sun. There are so many great things about summer that you can’t get in any other the other seasons. What are you favorite things about summer? What are some ways you prep for summer now? What are you looking forward to this summer?

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