7 Ways to Get outside and Enjoy the Warmer Weather ...


7 Ways to Get outside and Enjoy the Warmer Weather ...
7 Ways to Get outside and Enjoy the Warmer Weather ...

Spring is upon us, which means that all I can think about is how to enjoy warm weather! If you have read any of my recent posts, you have likely noticed that I simply adore the spring (and the summer, too)! When the weather starts to get warmer, there is nothing better than removing all of those layers and getting outside so breathe in some fresh air after being cooped up all winter. If you are thinking about how to enjoy the warm weather, here are some of my favorite activities.

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Take a Walk

Thinking of how to enjoy the warm weather? Well, taking a walk is one of the easiest ways. You don’t have to spend any money, you don’t need to make any huge plans; all you need to do is put your shoes on and head on out into the Great Outdoors. Whether it’s around my neighborhood, at a park or at the beach, I just love taking a walk and soaking up all of that warm weather and fresh air. It’s a great learning activity for my son, too, as we talk about all of the things that surround us.


Bike Ride

Just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy riding a bike. It’s exciting, it’s exhilarating and when you get on it, you will remember why you loved riding your bike so much when you were a kid! Plus, it’s awesome exercise.


Going to the Beach

I am a self proclaimed beach bum and I am very proud of it. There is just something so peaceful about the waves, the warm sand, the warm sun and being disconnected from technology. When the weather gets warm, my family and I head to the beach regularly, even if it’s just to take a stroll after dinner and so my little guy can collect rocks and shells (we are lucky enough to live on an island and have easy access to the water).


Go to the Playground

If you have kids, this is a particularly great way to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. Again, this is a free activity that doesn’t require a whole lot of planning. My little one has a blast running around and it’s a great way to help him develop his gross motor skills, as well as meet new friends. Plus, he’s always tuckered out after, so a good nap or night’s sleep is always guaranteed.


Fly a Kite

I’m serious. I love flying kites. Their colors are so beautiful up in the sky and it is so peaceful watching them soar up in the air. The next time it’s a little bit breezy, grab a kite and give it a try. This is another one of those I-loved-it-when-I-was-a-kid activities that you will love again as an adult.


Sidewalk Chalk

This has to be one of the best inventions that was ever made, in my honest opinion. My family and I can literally spend hours outside playing with sidewalk chalk. We love making pictures, and I love using it as a tool to teach my son his ABCs and 123s.


Jump Rope

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am a huge kid at heart. I love to do all of those things that I loved so much when I was a kid, and jumping rope is another one of them. Not only is jumping rope a fun way to get outside and enjoy the warm weather, but it’s also a fun way to exercise. Cardio, anyone?

I am sure that you are itching to get outside and enjoy the warm weather as much as I am after a long, cold winter. There really is nothing better than being surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors. What do you look forward to doing the most outside?

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I don't know about anyone else... But there I live, there's still snow on the ground. Yay for Canada :)

It suddenly is spring where I live and I needed some ideas to get me to crawl out of my house. Thanks!

Think like a kid: hopscotch, blow bubbles, all those fun kid things! I'm in Canada

I totally agree :-)

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