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While some of us may be lucky enough to experience heat waves during the colder seasons, others are not so fortunate, so it is crucial to know different ways to prepare yourself for cold weather. As falls hits us in full force and winter is about to approach, the temperature considerably falls, leaving us with chattering teeth and sore throats. So in order to have a gradual transition from warmer temperatures into the colder season, here are 7 ways to prepare yourself for cold weather.

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Moisturize Have you noticed that as colder weather approaches, your skin begins to crack and feel tighter? If you have, that means that it is time to whip out your moisturizer! During the colder, drier and windier weather, your skin tends to flake and your lips tend to crack. In order to keep your body in check, switch to a heavier moisturizer that will completely hydrate your skin. In addition, it is important to hydrate your body from the inside by increasing your water intake. These are two of the most important ways to prepare yourself for cold weather.


Layer Your Clothing

Layer Your Clothing If your body is used to warmer temperatures and can’t stand the cold weather, it is important to retain heat by layering up your clothing. The more you layer, the better you will be able to insulate your body and trap the heat particles around you. In addition, this method is very practical since you can strip some layers off when you enter a warmer environment.


Stock up on Chunky Sweaters

Stock up on Chunky Sweaters If you ask me, the only thing that is actually exciting about the colder weather is that we are now able to pull out the most comfortable warm clothing. Personally my favorite pieces are chunky sweaters; they are warm, snuggly and comfortable, which is something we are all in need of during the cold and gloomy days.


Take Care of Your Immune System

Take Care of Your Immune System Have you noticed that as colder weather approaches, colds and other viruses are more prevalent? This is why it is important to keep yourself in top shape in order to avoid weeks of coughing and sneezing. Therefore it is important to become stricter with your vitamin intake, keep yourself warm and avoid closing up windows in public places so that bacteria and viruses are not concentrated in the air.


Continue Exercising

Continue Exercising Colder weather doesn’t call for hibernation and it is not an excuse to stop exercising your body. Although it will become harder to make time for it, your dedication to working out should be at its all time high. This way you will be able to strengthen your immune system and avoid the weight gaining depression.


Buy Heaters

Buy Heaters If you live in a house that is badly insulated, it is time to purchase those heaters before it is too late. It is more than likely that the cold weather is fast approaching and you don’t want to freeze in the environment of your own home! However, be aware that heaters do dry out your skin, so remember to moisturize once again.


Switch to Hot Drinks

Switch to Hot Drinks Nothing is more comforting during the colder seasons than a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea. The transition from cold smoothies and milk shakes to hot drinks has been a little peculiar but it is the second best thing to warming up your body after hot showers. So what I love to do during fall and winter is stock up on tea and hot chocolate so I can easily satisfy myself when needed.

With the colder seasons coming up, even getting up from bed seems a lot harder! Oftentimes it can take some time to get used to the harsh weather. What are some of your tips for preparing for colder weather?

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No kidding, my lips feel like sandpaper! And as far as hot drinks go, ill take any opportunity to go to starbucks

Awesome article

What a FANTASTIC photo you've illustrated with the moisturize advice! Made my day - thanks AWS crew!

I love the cold especially when you can drink hot chocolate:)

Ahh I love that scarf with the buttons

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