9 Simple Ways to Add Spice to Your Life ...


9 Simple Ways to Add Spice to Your Life ...
9 Simple Ways to Add Spice to Your Life ...

Do work days seem never ending or your time spent doing family and household seem to take over the majority of your waking hours and you’re looking for some easy ways to add spice to your life? Believe it or not, it doesn’t take much to add some much needed excitement into your everyday life! Take a cue from others who have been in the same situation as you and get ready to spice up your life!

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Explore Your City

One of the simplest ways to add spice to your life involves very little travel time and money-exploring your neighborhood or cities around you that you haven’t had time to get to know! Every city or town has hidden gems whether it’s an old pinball museum or restaurant that all the locals love, find a place that you haven’t been to or normally wouldn’t go and explore! You’d be surprised at all the great things hiding around the corner from you! If you’ve lived in a really small town your whole life and feel like you’ve seen it all, hoof it to your favorite park or take the car to a nearby city for some new scenery.


Volunteer Your Time

If you’re looking for ways to get out of a rut, volunteering is a fabulous way to do good, try something new and meet new people. Volunteering is great because you’ll feel great doing things for others and making a difference in the lives of others. Make a commitment to volunteer your free time each week or month to your favorite charity and open yourself up to a whole new world!


Never Stop Learning

One of the chief principles in learning how to get your life out of a rut is to keep learning! Challenge yourself to learn a new skill like playing an instrument, learning to cook exotic cuisine or finally learning how to use that super fancy DSLR that you bought yourself. Pick up a community college or adult school booklet in your community and find something that interests you. You’ll learn something new, meet people you wouldn’t otherwise get to meet and you’ll get to show off your new skills!


Make Yourself over

This suggestion on ways to add spice to your life doesn’t entail any extreme makeovers, only making some subtle or not-so-subtle changes to your everyday routine to add some excitement and adventure! Have you had the same hair color or cut since college graduation? Could your wardrobe use a little more color and pizazz? Well, the time is now to make some changes! Making some minor changes in the way you do things or the way you look is fun and is a great way to bond with girlfriends or family members who take part in this journey with you!


Don’t Be Yourself

Want to know one of the surefire ways to add some excitement to your everyday life-get out of your comfort zone! Rock the hell out of that purple peplum skirt you normally shy away from, take your girls out to that salsa club in town and dance off your cocktails, or surprise your man with a romantic serenade at a karaoke bar. Basically anything that you would normally run the other way from, try it out, you might love it! As long as you’re not putting yourself or others in danger, there are so many things out there that you probably haven’t even dreamed of trying that could add some sparkle to your soul!


Get out More

Ways to add spice to your life can be as easy as stepping outside and spending time with yourself or others in the great outdoors! You don’t have to get all Swiss Family Robinson but if you’re the type who mainly stays indoors, start scheduling some time outside! Take a walk and enjoy the weather, ride your bike to the store, play at your local playground or be really bold and plan a camping trip, it’ll do your mind and heart a lot of good to get out in the fresh air!


Redecorate a Room

Having a change in scenery is a great way to add some excitement to your everyday life. Pick a room or even a small area in your place to redecorate however you want. Give your little space some shabby chic touches or give it a steampunk makeover. Make small changes in one area or do a complete overhaul in an entire room to add some interest to your living spaces! Redecorating allows you to be creative and show off your own unique style!


Reconnect with Others

Reconnecting with old friends and family is a sure way to add spice to your life! If you have a friend or relative that you haven’t seen or spoken to in way too long, call them up and catch up or better yet, plan a trip to see one another! Reconnecting with people from our past is a great way to get to know a friend again, relive some great moments from the past and have fun with an old pal!


Do Something for Yourself

This is an easy one, doing something nice for yourself is just about the easiest and satisfying ways to add spice to your life! Treat yourself like the queen you are every once in awhile by getting pampered, buying yourself some new workout gear or anything that can make your life easier. Although it might not be mind-blowingly exciting, anything that makes you feel good or makes your life easier is well worth it!

Trying some of these suggestions on ways to add spice to your life can really change your point of view on things! You can expand your circle of friends, take up hobbies you never dreamed of and discover a whole new side to you that you weren’t even aware of! Have you tried any if these ways to add spice to your life? What are you favorite ways to add excitement and intrigue into your everyday life?

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