7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Add Close Family Members on Facebook ...


7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Add Close Family Members on Facebook ...
7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Add Close Family Members on Facebook ...

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t add close family members on Facebook, but many people still go ahead and do it without considering the consequences, and find that they regret it later. While it’s true that if a parent or grandparent adds you first, they may be a little hurt if you refuse them, it’ll be less painful than you blocking and deleting them later on and could save a lot of hassle. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t add close family members on Facebook.

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Yes, top of the list of why you shouldn’t add close family members on Facebook is the same reason you’re hesitant about introducing them to a new boyfriend or taking them to certain places. But it’s not them showing photos of your having your nappy changed to one person you’ll have to worry about, but to hundreds!


Facebook is a great way to stay connected with family and friends, but it’s important to consider the implications of adding close family members to your Facebook network. While there can be benefits, such as staying in touch with distant relatives, there are also potential risks, such as embarrassment.

Embarrassment is a common concern when it comes to adding family members on Facebook. You may not want your parents or siblings to see your posts about a wild night out or your latest relationship drama. If you add them, you may find yourself censoring your posts or having to explain certain posts.

In addition, there’s the risk of your family members posting embarrassing photos of you or sharing personal information about you. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of your family seeing certain aspects of your life, it’s best to think twice before adding them.

Another potential risk is that of cyberbullying. If your family members are not aware of the latest online etiquette, they may post comments that could be seen as hurtful or offensive. This could lead to a family feud or cause other members of your network to feel uncomfortable.


They’ll Know Everything

You don’t necessarily want your mother to know exactly everything you might get up to on a girls’ night out when you’ve had a few too many glasses of wine. This is definitely a very good reason not to add relatives on Facebook, although you’ve got nothing to worry about if you never do or say anything that your family wouldn’t approve of.


They’ll Share Everything Too

If you think your mom seeing that photo of you falling over with your panties showing is bad, wait until the whole family has seen it. Or even worse, you become the center of a piece of gossip that someone’s learned on Facebook and after a bit of Chinese Whispers, everyone’s talking about something terrible that’s barely got a shred of truth in it.


Too Much Information

Are anyone else’s grandparents way too willing to share detailed information about their bowel movements, ingrown toenails or even their sex lives? If you add them on Facebook, you could get a continuous stream of information just like that.


Friends with Your Friends

If you’ve got family members, especially parents, on Facebook, you could soon find that all of your friends have added them and they’ve accepted. Some people may be fine with that, but others may feel a bit awkward about their friends and their parents chatting online.


Adding close family members on Facebook can be a great way to stay connected, but it can also be a source of awkwardness and discomfort. It’s important to think about the potential consequences of adding your family before you do it, as it could lead to some unexpected issues.

For example, if you’ve got family members on Facebook, you could soon find that all of your friends have added them and they’ve accepted. This could lead to awkward conversations between your friends and family, or your family seeing posts that you don’t want them to see. It could also lead to your family being exposed to inappropriate content that you don’t want them to see.

Another issue is that your family could start to comment on things that you post, which could be embarrassing or uncomfortable. They may also start to “like” things that you post, which could be seen as intrusive or overbearing.

It’s also important to consider that your family may not be used to the way that people interact on social media, and they may not understand the etiquette or the culture. This could lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings.


Coming to Your Defense

If you ever have a bit of a row (or even a silly play fight online that someone not ‘in’ on it could confuse for a row) you could find granny wading in to defend you. You really don’t need family getting involved online as if they’re protecting you from bullies in the playground.


Can You Show Me How to…?

If your relatives, especially the older ones, aren’t as tech-savvy as you, you may find yourself being inundated with questions about how to upload pictures, tag, write on walls, share posts, and plenty of other things too. You don’t want to be giving Facebook lessons when all you wanted was to pop in for a cup of tea.

Has anyone had any bad experiences from adding family members on Facebook? Or perhaps you completely disagree, and really like keeping in touch with your family on Facebook? At the end of the day, there are advantages to having relatives on Facebook too, so you just have to weigh up the pros and cons and decide what is best for you.

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You simply have to set your privacy settings properly and you can have the best of both worlds. I keep in touch with family around the globe through Facebook but I also know how to stop people from seeing posts that are not appropriate for them to see.

I only have 21 friends on FB , I don\'t believe in friending 400 ppl I don\'t truly know .

Everybody\'s family is different! But I have a family that is nosey and loves to run their mouth! I learned the hard way with adding family and my boyfriend\'s family. I never post any thing that was wrong from the beginning but they like to turn nothing into something! Because of that I blocked and erase all of them. If I need to stay contact with people call or send a text. But now I really don\'t care for social network anymore. But my rule is I don\'t add family, co workers or classmates!

Usually if I upload something I don\'t want them to see I edit the option of the status or whatever so that they can\'t see it

I totally disagree. I have nothing to hide from my strange family. They are always there for me and I love them all. This is some bullshit article for people doing things they aren\'t proud of- or their family isn\'t really close and/or doesn\'t accept them for who they are. This article is just offensive to some of us that wouldn\'t exclude family.

I deleted most of my family members from my social accounts. They create drama when they see that you are acting differently. I\'m open to my creativity on the net. My family doesn\'t see that side of me.

Well, having my mum on fb helps prevent me from putting stuff on there that could come back and bite me.

U are absolutely right

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