3 Powerful Tips for Living a Simple Student Life ...


3 Powerful Tips for Living a Simple Student Life ...
3 Powerful Tips for Living a Simple Student Life ...

Follow these three tips and you will find that your student experiences turns from a big mess of hectic hell, into a smooth and easy ride.

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Campus Not Parents

If you live in a dorm then you have to fend for yourself. This may be very beneficial to your learning. It may help you realize that you need to settle down and start working. If you live at home, you are going to have free time and disposable income. You are going to find excuses not to work. When you live in a dorm, your life has to be planned and your time needs to be budgeted. You are not able to make excuses. You will learn how to get your work done.



Every cash strapped student needs a few items of thermal clothing. Whether it is a case of not being able to afford the heating, or simply because the student shares a dorm with a weirdo who likes the cold, thermals are a student’s best friends. One must also remember that student work involves a lot of sitting down and typing. The body does not move very much at all and this causes people to become cold, even when it is not very cold at all.


Noise Cancelling Earphones

These are great for doing your student work or going on an airplane. They cancel out the background noise. This is not so great if you are on a bus, taxi or train because you cannot hear things that may put you in danger. If you are on an airplane, however there is no need to hear anything. You will not miss your spot, and it is unlikely you are going to have to avoid gunshots. They are also fantastic for doing your college work. There are those where you need to play music to cancel out the outside--these are not ideal but will suffice. There are also ones that cancel out exterior noise completely. These are the bad boys you want. They help you to remove the many noise distractions you are going to experience when you work. Like the couple having sex next door, like the party in the dorm below, like the cat fight outside your window, or like your mother having a mid-life crisis over the washing up (if you live at home). These bad boys are going to save you time, increase your focus and help you manage your time.

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