How to Be the Girl Who Gets It All Done in College ...


How to Be the Girl Who Gets It All Done in College ...
How to Be the Girl Who Gets It All Done in College ...

When you first start out at college, every single student has the ambition to be the kind of college kid who can get it all done, have the perfect balance of academic and social life, experience the best years of their life, and then graduate to have an amazing career. Of course, once the independence and temptations start to present themselves, a lot of people fall off that path real quick! All is not lost, though; all you need to do is follow some solid steps to succeed. Here is how to be the girl who gets it all done in college.

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Pick What You Love

Don’t go to college with the intention to take all the classes that you think are just going to further you chances after graduation. This is an ideal situation, but the truth is that you if you don’t pick subjects that you really love, you are going to lose interest very quickly and end up not being as motivated and enthused as you want to be. If you take classes that you genuinely like, you are going to much more excited to actually turn up for college.


Be Organized

The first thing you should do is buy yourself a big planner and fill it out with all of the classes, clubs, commitments etc. that you sign yourself up for. You shouldn’t underestimate just how important it can be to have a visual representation of your college life to refer to. You won’t forget anything and you won’t risk double booking or over committing.


Find Your Method

Just because one way of college life and study works for your best friend, it doesn’t mean it is going to work for you. Those first few weeks and months are going to be all about finding your own groove: working in the morning or working at night; working in your room or working in the library ... all of these little details that you need to figure out in order to put together your own perfect method.


Show up

Even if you aren’t understanding or enjoying a class that much, it is so important to just turn up every time. If you have 100% attendance, things will be going in to your brain that you don’t even realise at the time. By simply being present in the academic environment you are helping yourself. The more you avoid a class or a topic, the harder it is going to become.



Sounds like a really revolutionary tip, right!? You would be amazed by how many college students put studying at the very bottom of their do to lists. Your new found freedom is exciting, but remember that you are going to have that freedom for the rest of your life. You have only have a limited amount of time to get college right, so commit to studying, and studying hard at that!

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