Writing College Essays is a Phenomenal Waste of Your Time ...


Writing College Essays is a Phenomenal Waste of Your Time  ...
Writing College Essays is a Phenomenal Waste of Your Time  ...

What is a bigger waste of time that writing your college essays? Not the actual act of learning--that is precious. The actual sitting down and typing of your essay is a pointless act. Your essay does not get published and help other people. It can never genuinely represent your actual learning and intelligence level, and if speech recognition technology were good enough you would not even be being asked to write it. Typing out your essay is an old way of showing your learning. It has no real application in the working world unless you are planning on being a writer, or publishing your journals. Even if you are planning to publish your journals, shouldn’t you be allowed to keep your essay and publish it? Instead of handing it in, having it marked, and then having it shredded in 3 years by a spotty admin clerk?

Essay writing should have gone the way of the dinosaurs, years ago. It is only one step up from writing with a quill and ink. You should not be forced to waste your time on it. If teachers really want to know how much you have learnt, they should give you a week in a mock lab/ office/ clinic/ restaurant/ establishment, to show how you can apply what you have learnt. This would be a better learning experience and would help students get a job when they actually leave college. At the very least they should have students give a lecture on the things they have learnt instead of writing an essay.

Use an essay writing service to write your essays for you. When you read the essay that you have paid for then you will get just as much of a learning benefit than if you had written it yourself. You are not going to learn it any harder if you write it yourself. Read the essay that you buy and ensure that you know the details on it, and hand it in. You still get the learning benefit, you still get the good grades, and you don’t waste a phenomenal amount of your time. The time you save you could spend on reading the books of your chosen profession so that you do better on your finals.

Use a quality paper writing service to do your essay, and spend the time you save on studying for your final. That way you get the grades for a good essay and good grades on your final. The real world is for winners--for the people who are smart enough to do what it takes to win. The world has no place for people who, β€œTried their best.”

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