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Negative Things You Should Stop Saying run the gamut between different subjects. It's no secret that there are negative things you should stop saying. We all have them! Little things we say to ourselves or to others only serve to hinder us rather than help us out. And it's not because you hate yourself! Most people don't even realize the effect their negative comments have. So that's why I'm writing this list of negative things you should stop saying! Instead, replace them with positive, encouraging and uplifting comments. And yes, you can direct them to yourself! Hey, we all need a boost every now and then, right? And who better to give it to you than your own lovely self! So here are 10 negative things you should stop saying!

1. "I'm Such a Failure."

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Telling yourself that you are a failure will result in you believing this and causing you to fail when you may have actually had a chance of success. Maybe you haven't necessarily succeeded at everything in your life, but that doesn't make you a complete failure. So tell yourself that you can do it and then believe it! You will be surprised at your rate of success when you believe in yourself.

2. "Look How Fat I Am."

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One of the negative things you should stop saying centers around your weight. Many times, women perceive themselves to be fatter than they really are. Don't dwell on it! Instead, make healthy eating choices and get active. Men are more attracted to confident girls who feel comfortable in their own skin so stop saying how fat you are and instead mention the progress that you've made toward your ideal weight goal!

3. "You Never......"

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When you find yourself in the middle of a disagreement with someone you love, refrain from starting sentences with these two accusing words. That's a something negative you should stop saying! When you point fingers at someone, they are more likely to get defensive. Instead of saying "You never take out the trash when I ask you to," say "I feel like you don't care to help me out with the chores." This puts the accusatory light completely in the middle of you both instead of right on one of you.

4. "It's Too Stressful to Handle."

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Yes, things may be stressful, but that doesn't mean you can't handle it. Telling yourself it's too stressful to handle is one of the negative things you should stop saying. Instead, tell yourself that you are feeling challenged, but you will find a way out of it. This way you are admitting that it's overwhelming, but you aren't giving up!

5. "I'm Soooo Very Sorry."

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Yes, when you step on someone's toe you should apologize, but there's no need to OVER-apologize! Many women find themselves doing this and it's not necessary. You decrease your self-worth by continuing to feel bad for some little flub. Go easy on yourself and let it go!

6. "I'm Such a Pig."

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One of the negative things you should stop saying is calling yourself a little piggy. So what if you had two brownies, a milkshake and a piece of pizza? It's the weekend! You deserve to indulge, so do it! And even if you eat what you want every time, there's no need to beat yourself up. Instead, tell yourself that the treat was yummy and let it go.

7. "It's Too Expensive."

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There are many families out there on a budget. I'll admit to being on one myself! It's good to be on a budget, it helps to save money you might otherwise spend on unnecessary things. Instead of feeling sorry that you can't buy it, tell yourself that you are CHOOSING not to buy it. Then step back and work extra hard to save enough money or re-work your budget to afford it!

8. "I'll Never Make It."

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Admitting defeat before the finish line guarantees you won't make it. This is one of the negative things you should stop saying! Tell yourself that you CAN do it and you WILL make it! The more you believe in yourself, the more you will accomplish. And it will feel so good in the end!

9. "Why Can't You Just Understand?"

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When you say this to a friend or relative in the middle of a heated conversation, it doesn't do you any good. It just prompts your debate partner to shoot the same question right back at you! Instead, try this approach. In a gentle tone, state your case and then say, "I hope you can understand things from my point of view. I realize we have different opinions, but maybe we can agree to disagree on this one." Your friend will realize you have the upper hand!

10. "Leave Me Alone."

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This is one of the negative things you should stop saying! By using this phrase, you end up pushing away those who love you and are trying to help you. Then you are stuck keeping feelings and emotions bottled up. It's best to talk it out so next time try and be open and talk through the situation.

This list of 10 negative things you should stop saying will help you if you will heed it! I'm sure we are all guilty of saying these phrases at one time or another, but it's a habit we all need to strive to kick! By paying heed to these negative things you should stop saying, you increase your chances of success tenfold. Do you agree with my list of 10 negative things you should stop saying? Please comment below and let me know!

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