7 Things You Should Never Say about Yourself ...


7 Things You Should Never Say about Yourself ...
7 Things You Should Never Say about Yourself ...

There are a few things you should never say about yourself if your goal is to be successful at what you are doing, whether you plan to be a wonderful manager or an amazing stay-at-home mom. Remember that you will become a reflection of the way you talk to yourself, so pay attention to the words you use. If they are mostly negative, they will poison your mind and your belief system and you won’t be able to reach your full potential. Just like Bob Marley said: “None but ourselves can free our minds.” It’s extremely important how you project yourself in front of other people because under-confidence always shows and you shouldn’t sabotage yourself by always repeating to yourself some things that aren’t actually true. Here are a few things you should never say about yourself that you should definitely consider:

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“I’m Not Good Enough.”

This is definitely one of the most important things you should never say about yourself. You are just as good as you think you are at doing something. Even if you keep comparing yourself to other people and you think that others are much better than you, that doesn’t mean that you are actually right. Try not to undervalue your performances and always take chances! You will never be 100% ready to do anything. Just like Marc Chernoff said, “Excellence is the result of loving more than others think is necessary, dreaming more than others think is practical, risking more than others think is safe, and doing more than others think is possible.”


Belittling your own abilities only undermines your potential. It's essential to push past the internal dialogue that insists you need to match someone else's standard. Trust in your unique journey. Affirmations might feel awkward, but they can reshape negative thought patterns. Start with simple, positive reminders of your worth. Remember, every expert was once a beginner. Your growth is continuous, and with each step, you accumulate more expertise, confidence, and skill. Embrace your progress, celebrate your efforts, and boldly chase excellence as you define it.


“I’m so Stupid.”

Don’t be so hard on yourself! Even if you fail sometimes that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to reach all your goals someday. We all make mistakes because we’re all human; after all, the important thing is to learn from them, so you won’t repeat them in the future. Try not to say mean things about yourself, because being bad at certain things doesn’t make you stupid. Focus on your abilities and on the things you are wonderful at and don’t beat yourself up because I’m sure don’t deserve it!


“No One Will Ever Love Me.”

We are all worthy of being loved, no matter how many flaws we think we have. We all deserve to be loved, so ease up on yourself. One thing I do know: you won’t be able to find Mr. or Mrs. Right if you are staying at home thinking about how no one will ever love you. Put yourself out there, meet new people and you will have more chances of finding that special person who will be absolutely enchanted by you.


It's crucial to remember that love often comes when least expected, so open your heart to the possibilities. Every individual has unique qualities that make them lovable, and embracing your own quirks can be incredibly attractive. Rather than dwelling on negative thoughts, focus on self-improvement and positivity. Confidence can be a beacon that draws others in. By being proactive in social situations and showing the world your true self, you invite the opportunity for love to find you. Remember, you are enough just as you are.


“I Can’t do It.”

When I was a child, my father was always saying to me that “There’s no such thing as I can’t, there’s only I won’t.” He really annoyed me every time he kept saying that, but as I grew older, I came to understand the wisdom of his words and I made this statement my motto because it reminds me that there is actually nothing I can’t achieve if I am willing to work hard enough to get it. “Don’t admit defeat before the race even starts!” Focus on your strengths and always believe in yourself, no matter what other people might tell you! Don’t ever doubt yourself or your abilities because the road for success is right in front of you.


“I Might as Well Give up.”

You should never, under any circumstance, give up! Such a thing is not acceptable! No matter how many difficulties you have to face, I’m sure you will find within you the strength to carry on and to overcome all the obstacles that may appear in your path. You don’t lose until you quit, so always keep fighting and bear your goals in mind. You will manage to fulfill all your dreams if you persevere and don’t let yourself get discouraged by your failures.


“I Need to Have It All Figured out.”

You shouldn’t panic if you don’t know what you really want yet. Even though you still haven’t got it all figured out, there’s no need to despair. You just need a bit more time, that’s all. I know how scary this thought can be sometimes but remember that the biggest dreams that will come true and make you extremely happy are the ones you never knew you had in the first place. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and simply discover the wonderful things that lay ahead of you!


“I Am Alone.”

No one is ever alone. Even if you feel like this from time to time, you should know that there are actually a lot of people who are going through the same thing as you. We all feel alone sometimes, especially when we are feeling sad and discouraged. In those moments, it is extremely important to reach out to your loved ones and ask for their help or for their advice and I’m sure you’ll notice that your feeling of loneliness will magically disappear.

Always remember that who you are is actually a reflection of your thoughts and of the words you choose to use, so focus on the positive things in life and learn to love and accept yourself just the way you are to live a happy and meaningful life. What do you think? Are there any other things someone should never say about themselves? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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Guilty of all of these. Especially #1, that's something I really need to work on

Wow. I say pretty much all of them, especially #3 .. Kinda sucks :/

I say all of these on a daily basis. Wow :/

I got 1,3,4,5 ... And actually I was working to leave my job today but I will re think ... Thanks for the article

this just helped my friend over come a hard situation with a stupid boy. Thanks so much for this:)

Ouch. I think I said just about all of those things everyday. That's not a good outlook on life.

I think we all feel these things from time to time! What matters is that we find a way out of the rut and move on. AND that we learn from our mistakes!

You have no idea how much this has helped. Thank you

I say that list to myself every day.... Got me thinking...

Wow I got all of them except #3 I'm really negative!

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