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People are curious by nature and tend to ask a lot of questions, but there are some questions you should never ask. I always try to be polite when I am talking to people, and my politeness is always appreciated. In being polite, I have learned that there are certain questions that are generally considered very rude to ask. These questions tend to make people bristle up and feel like they are being judged or insulted. I always stay away from asking these questions. Unless you know the person really well, I suggest following this list of questions you should never ask.

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Although it is considered extremely rude, some people still ask “How much do you make?” Even if you are very curious, avoid asking this question. Not only is it rude, but it can make people very uncomfortable. I know if someone asked me this question, I would feel like they were being very nosy. In all honesty, it is no one else’s business how much money a person makes. Unless the person offers up the information, inquiries about income are questions you should never ask.



Have you ever had a person ask, “How much do you weigh?” If you have I am sorry because it is a very personal question that can make you feel like your space is being invaded. Of course, it is fine for doctors to ask this, but everyone else should avoid the question. It doesn’t matter if you are asking a person who is tiny, medium, or large because this question can make people feel very insecure. It can also make a person feel like they are being judged, and this is never a good thing. If your friend tells you that she or he lost weight, just say congratulations, there is no need to ask her or him what their current weight is.



Unless you are talking to someone under the age of 15, I suggest avoiding asking people how old they are. In general, only little children appreciate this question. However, adults tend to dislike being asked their age. Even though I am in my late 20s, I am not a fan of being asked my age. Mostly because I know people think I look like I am 17, which isn’t a bad thing. However, I am glad to be finished with high school and would really prefer not to be reminded that I still look like I am in high school. Of course, there is the opposite end of the spectrum. People who feel they look older than their age don’t want to be reminded of that either. Age questions are risky and are best saved for little kids who show you with their fingers how old they are.



It is just not kind to ask a person, “Why aren’t you married?” This question tends to come from family members, but that doesn’t make it an acceptable question to ask. Asking a person why they are not married implies that there is something wrong with being single, which is not the case. It is a question that makes people feel like their life choices are being judged. I think I have only had one person ever ask me this, and I really felt awful when they asked me. Having had the experience of being asked this question, I can honestly say it was not a pleasant experience. If someone isn’t married there are likely some very good reasons that they would probably prefer to keep to themselves.


Hair Color

Asking someone if their hair color is real is never a good idea. Usually people color their hair for one of two reasons, either for a change or to hide their gray hairs. Since it can be hard to know which is the case, I suggest staying away from this question. People who are coloring their hair to hide grays don’t want their age to be highlighted. In fact, they are trying to look younger, and asking about their hair color won’t make them feel good about themselves. If you are curious because you want to have your hair colored the same color, you can always say, “I wish my hair was that color,” and see what they say.

Famous Quotes

Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration.

Niccolò Machiavelli


It is really risky to ask a woman when she is due if you don’t already know she is pregnant. More often than not, if you think a woman is pregnant she probably is. However, there are the few occasions when a woman looks pregnant when she isn’t. In this case, the question can be very hurtful. I always wait and see if the woman mentions that she is pregnant. If she doesn’t, I just accept that I will be left wondering.



It is generally not a good idea to ask someone how much they paid for something. This is another money question, and these types of questions tend to make people very uncomfortable. It can also make someone feel like their purchasing choices are being judged. If the item is something you would like to buy for yourself, simply ask if they would mind telling you where they purchased it because you would like to have one also. This avoids any topic of money, and if the person is nice they will help you find what you are looking for.

There are some questions that should never be asked. They can make people feel uncomfortable, feel like are being judged, or hurt their feelings. I always stay away from questions like these, especially with people I hardly know. What questions do you avoid asking?

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I can see this being taboo when you are talking to a stranger but when you are having a conversation with people you know and talk to often, this entire article is shot. when you're getting to know people a few of these questions will come up.

I am 44, people think I am 30, and I am very proud of that. There is a guy, who's working at our local supermarket, he is still a student, so he cannot be older than 23, who's flirting with me and this always makes me smile.

Why don't you have kids? That's another question that should be avoided. Maybe it's a couple decision or maybe they just can't but wish they could.

I saw a T-shirt in a webshop with the text: "not pregnant, just fat" (in Dutch). Ideal prevention against silly questions?

Lool i probably shouldn't laugh but theres nothing worse than praying for your right companion to locate you and feeling down about it, then some ignorant person comes to ask you why ur not married

Don't be so sensitive: the question is not the problem. The answer is

No matter the unpleasant question I've had to face, my response has been always the same: "Thanks for worrying about me", and then I've changed the topic.

I wonder why people are so concerned about that age question. Age is just a number it doesn't define you.

People sure ask dumb question when they are more concern about who they are They should be more open to topics

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