7 Expert Tips for Beginning Bloggers That'll Ensure Your Blog Goes Places ...


7 Expert Tips for Beginning Bloggers That'll Ensure Your Blog Goes Places ...
7 Expert Tips for Beginning Bloggers That'll Ensure Your Blog Goes Places ...

If you’re looking into starting your very own blog, I have the tips for beginning bloggers that will have you happily clicking on your keyboards. As a longtime freelance writer, I directed a bulk of my skill toward blogs looking for contributors. And after falling in love with the blogging format, I became enamored with the idea of starting my own blog. I won't lie to you. If you’re new to the blogosphere, it can seem like a frightening endeavor. But with these practical tips for beginning bloggers, you’ll be blogging with the best of them.

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Focus on a Particular Topic at First

At the very top of the tips for beginning bloggers is the overall blog topic. In short, what would you most enjoy writing about? Lifestyle blogs that are all about you are a wonderful medium. But for now, it might be best to pick a particular topic that you have a wealth of information on and are eager to share with readers. Pick something you’re passionate about...animals, fashion, fitness, literature, cooking or anything you’d love to discuss. And for the time being, focus your energies on that specific topic. While it might seem that you’re limiting your options, having an expertise on a singular topic will help readers find you in search engines and will encourage them to contact you and ask questions pertinent to your blog.


Develop Your Own Tone

Words on the screen aren’t always enough to attract readers into frequenting your blog. What lures readers into a blog is a developed tone in the writing, and a style that’s as entertaining as it is informative. Exercise various voices in your writing until you find a match just for you. Are you quick-witted? Do you have a dry sense of humor or a sugary sweet disposition in your writing? Are you by-the-books factual or a trial and error kind of gal? Presenting readers with a personable tone in your writing is what keeps them coming for more. Be honest and let your personality really seep into the words.


Post Regularly

Another way to keep readers coming back is to have a blog that is updated with some regularity. While you may not have a set-in-stone editorial calendar that dictates your posts at certain times or on certain days, having a tentative plan of action is ideal. Do your homework and research for news and resources for possible blog posts. For instance, if you’re a fashion blogger but you haven’t been to the mall to assemble a new outfit to feature, you might consider reviewing a designer’s new line or making a virtual wish list of what trendy items you’re looking to buy.


Remember Quality is Key

While I would applaud any efforts of a solo blogger updating with posts multiple times a day, it’s often the case that quality is more valuable than quantity. Spending extra time in the creative process could mean more content-rich posts that will engage blog readers. Focus on high quality photography rather than quick shots with your iPhone, take a fine-tooth comb to the post to catch any typos before they’re made public, and work in a clever hook to reel readers into joining in the conversation, perhaps with a question or a poll.


Take Cues from Other Blogs

Of course I’m not advocating plagiarism in any way, shape or form, but go ahead and search for blogs on your topic. There’s many, I’m sure. Click on over and check them out. Make a mental note of the blogger’s tone, the style and readability of the layout and the quality of the photographs. Are there many reader comments? What have they done that really works? How would you do things differently?


Join the Blogging Community

After you’re done dissecting some of the other blogs out there, it’s time to make friends with the creators of the blogs you most enjoy. Comment on their posts and subscribe to their blog for updates. I cannot stress enough the importance of embracing the blogging platform as a community of writers and readers. I’ve made several friends, colleagues and supporters out of the bloggers whose work I most admire. They’ve shared my posts with their readers, participated in discussions and have even been so kind to share their technical wisdom with me when I’ve run into a glitch. God bless the blogging community!


Stay Hip to the Social Media Trends

Yes, I said “stay hip.” But seriously ladies, maintaining a blog means more than some witty words and pretty pictures. Keep mindful of how social media is plugged into everything. Businesses have their own Facebook and Twitter handles, and so should your blog. Put your blog’s name everywhere you can, short of being spammy. Make accounts for Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and everything at your disposal. Keeping plugged into the latest social media outlets will turn your blog into a full-fledged brand.

With some time, patience and personal dedication, your blog can become something really special. Well-developed blogs can earn a spot on your resume, or introduce you to connections in the business you’re striving to join. A blog can earn you money in advertising opportunities and hone your skills as a writer, editor, photographer and web designer. I’ve been a blog contributor for over 7 years and have operated my own blog for nearly 3 years. I have loved everything that I’ve learned and all of the connections I’ve made. So, what tips do you have for beginning bloggers looking to make it big in the blogosphere?

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