7 Helpful Tips for a Zombie Apocalypse ...


7 Helpful Tips for a Zombie Apocalypse ...
7 Helpful Tips for a Zombie Apocalypse ...

In case of emergency, you’ll need tips for a zombie apocalypse. Some people wish that an outbreak would occur without thinking through the consequences. As entertaining as zombie films are, they would be less amusing in person. Here are some tips for a zombie apocalypse in case the fateful day ever occurs.

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Don’t Trust Everyone

Don’t lower your guard around humans because you think they’re safer than zombies. The one good thing about the undead is that they’re predictable. You know what they want and what they’ll do to get it. With humans, it’s difficult to tell where they stand. They can lie and steal and murder so that there are fewer mouths to feed. One of the most important tips for a zombie apocalypse is to be careful who you trust.


Avoid Populated Areas

Avoid populated areas like cities and large buildings. The more people that live in a location, the higher the chance that they’ve already turned. The ‘illness’ spreads faster when people are bundled together. It might be tempting to go to hospitals to grab medicine, but be careful. Buildings that hold the sick and dying are bound to contain zombies, so watch your step.


Prepare Your Protection

You’ll need to find a weapon that you’ll be able to use. Don’t settle for anything loud that’ll draw attention or something that will break easily. You want something reliable that will get the job done. You can find additional means of protection, depending on what type of zombies you’re dealing with. In some shows, like The Walking Dead, covering yourself in zombie guts will make you blend in.


Don’t Dress to Impress

An apocalypse is no time to shoplift designer clothes from stores you’d never be able to afford. Don’t worry about looking hot for your crush and think about your ability to run. It’ll be hard to wobble away from zombies in high heels and a miniskirt. You need sneakers, pants, and shirts that will keep you warm and won’t restrict your movement. Staying alive is the only thing that matters, so just avoid mirrors.


Forget Material Items

You need to pack light if you’re going to be on the move. Surviving might be difficult without your laptop and Beats headphones, but they’re things you’re going to have to live without. Don’t waste space in your backpack by filling it with shoes and CDs. Instead, stuff it with food, water, and medical items. You can’t afford to pack your entire life in a suitcase, so only take what’s essential.


Keep in Shape

Even if you find a place that’s relatively zombie-free, you’ll want to keep in shape in case of emergency. If a herd approaches, you don’t want to be the slowest runner in town. It’ll benefit you to exercise so that you’re prepared to bolt away. Don’t take your safety for granted, because it could end at any time. Being lazy could kill you.


Get in a Group

You want to find a group that you trust. Too many people can cause issues in the food and shelter department and too few people can make you easy targets. You’ll want to find a medium sized group full of trustworthy yet ruthless people. Finding a brave leader is a plus, because they’ll take care of the things that you’re too scared to do. Just be careful of turning on one another, because that could lead to zombies turning you.

On the off chance that there’s a zombie apocalypse, follow these tips. You don’t want to end up undead and feasting on your friends. If a zombie outbreak ever did occur, what would your plan of action be?

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This is hysterical!! Just imagine if the world was in a zombie apocalypse right now... What would it be like? Ugh, scary thoughts..

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