9 Helpful Tips on How to Get over Your Shyness ...


9 Helpful Tips on How to Get over Your Shyness ...
9 Helpful Tips on How to Get over Your Shyness ...

I’ve always been a very shy person, ever since I was a little girl, and even though I did learn a few valuable things on how to get over your shyness, I cannot say that I am no longer shy. I still feel a little awkward when I find myself in unfamiliar surroundings but I try to manage my feelings. Most times, I succeed in doing that and I feel extremely proud of myself for overcoming my shyness. I really believe that with a bit of work and with a lot of practice, you can learn how to get over your shyness and overcome this feeling that could cause you some tremendous social challenges.

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Find out What’s Causing Your Shyness

The first thing you need to do in order to learn how to get over your shyness is to figure out what makes you feel shy. More precisely, what are the causes of your shyness? Despite what you think about yourself, you’re not shy all the time. There are certain situations that can trigger your shyness. Do you feel shy when you have to talk in front of a new audience, when you meet someone new or when you find yourself in a new situation? Ask yourself more questions about how you feel on certain occasions when you’re seeing yourself as a shy person and find out the answers!


Smile More Often!

If you want to get over your shyness or at least to improve the way it makes you feel, just learn how to smile more often, even to complete strangers. It’s the best way to get out with your head held high from uncomfortable situations. As long as you smile, no one will focus on your mistakes or on your small errors, ‘cause they will be enchanted by your beautiful smile.


Find Yourself a New Hobby

By finding a new hobby, a more social one, you will get to meet more people that have the same interests and passions as you and you will also do something you’ll enjoy. It will offer you the perfect opportunity to meet the people you appreciate (‘cause they chose the same hobby as you did). Just make sure you pick a more social activity that encourages contact to others, like a team sport for example.


Don’t Compare Yourself to Others!

In order to feel good about yourself, you should learn to avoid comparing yourself to other people. It could only do you harm! So, start feeling good in your shoes and appreciate the special person that you are! The more you compare yourself to other people, the more you may think that you could never measure up, and the shyer you will get. So, avoid doing that and focus on the wonderful person that you are!


Improve Your Areas of Insecurity

Once you find out what causes you to get shy in certain situations, take action and start working in order to improve your areas of insecurity. For example, if you’re afraid of public speaking, then try to put yourself in more situations that would require you to speak in front of an audience. This way, you will work on the area that causes you insecurity, you will master it and you won’t feel shy anymore under similar conditions.


Find Your Strengths!

Once you’ve discovered your weaknesses, work on discovering you qualities and your strengths! I’m sure that you have some quite unique qualities that will amaze others! It’s really important to find out what are the things you do well, the things you excel at, even if they may differ from the norm. This is what makes you so beautiful and special. Don’t focus on what you may think you’re doing wrong! Concentrate on what is amazing about you!


Be Approachable!

Try to get used to looking and acting approachable and use body language to convey a friendly attitude. Learn to like yourself and stop labeling yourself as a shy person. Smile and always keep eye contact! Having good posture is also extremely important when you want to overcome your shyness. By sitting up straight, you give the impression that you’re a confident and open person. Shortly, you will get to feel that way too.


Work on Decreasing Your Anxiety

I’m sure you already know that anxiety has such a huge impact on feeling shy. By learning different methods and techniques to decrease your anxiety levels, you will manage to overcome your shyness more quickly. You can always get help from a therapist or from a counselor; it’s your choice. Just do something ‘cause it’s actually not that hard to learn how to control your anxiety. You just need to put a little effort and motivation into it and you’ll get over your shyness in a jiffy.


Believe in Yourself!

Learn to believe that you have the capability of doing whatever you wanna do. Just believe in yourself! It really is that simple. If you don’t do it, then nobody else will. Because words can carry such an incredible energy, it’s really important what we tell to ourselves. If you keep saying that you’re a shy person or that you’re not capable of doing anything, then your unconscious mind will believe that and act accordingly. So, why not tell yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to do and see what happens?

Remember that everyone, no matter how introverted or extroverted they might be, they’re still feeling shy at certain times in their lives. Do you consider yourself a shy person? What helpful tips could you share with us on how to get over your shyness? Do tell!

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I used to be really shy, but I put myself out there to try different things: dance classes, art classes, and a job where I have to talk to ppl all day. Today, no more shyness!

I am shy to new people and i dont talk alot because im not sure what to say

I used to be shy around people I didn't know, but now it seems the other way around. I might lack confidence instead so talking to people I don't know is easier.

im shy when i gotta meet new people, i give the impression that im a btch lol i find this out today actually.

Oh sorry

This was extremely helpful. I am shy when i have to meet new people, and i cannot stop comparing myself to others

I'm starting college next week and I want to overcome my shyness so thank you for these wonderful tips, I'll definitely try them

Thank you so much for writing this! I suffer from social anxiety and it's such an awful feeling when I'm in social situations!

I found that talking to new people and trying really hard to make new friends helped me with my shyness! It will feel really awkward at first, but after a while I got used to it and now I feel so much better about new social situations!

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