7 Points to Encourage You if You Failed Your Driving Test ...


7 Points to Encourage You if You Failed Your Driving Test ...
7 Points to Encourage You if You Failed Your Driving Test ...

If you've failed your driving test before, it's unnerving to contemplate taking a retest. With your "failure" fresh in your memory, you worry about retaking the test, only to fail a second time. But lots of people pass on the second or third attempt. Here are some tips to encourage you if you've failed your driving test and want to take another …

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You Won't Pass if You Don't Persist

If you think having failed your driving test once is bad enough, imagine what it is like to fail three times. Readers, that was me. I very nearly didn't go through with my fourth test as I felt sure I wasn't going to pass this time either. But I reasoned the following with myself. If I didn't attempt the test, I was definitely not going to pass. If I did take it, I might just pass. And I did. It's not the number of tests you take that matters, it's the fact that you pass one of them that counts.


After my experience, I learned that each failed attempt is actually a stepping-stone to success. With every test, I became more familiar with the roads, the examiner's commands, and the quirks of the car I was driving. Sure, it was frustrating, but I also realized that patience and practice were key. Giving up was never an option; resilience was. Each time I faced the challenge, I did so with a bit more confidence and a lot more experience. In the end, belief in oneself is the ultimate driver's license.


If They Can do It...

The world record for determination is held by a not-so-proud Brit who finally passed her practical test after a mammoth 48 attempts. The theory test record goes to the South Korean woman who finally cracked it after an unbelievable … 950 times. Well done, that woman! So if they can keep at it, then so can you.



Make sure that you are as prepared as you can be for your retest. Unless you think that you'll totally lose your nerve if you wait, don't book your retest soon afterwards. Wait until you're ready to retake, and work on dealing with whatever caused you to fail the first time.


Nerves Are Natural

Everybody gets nervous when they take their test. It's only natural to be anxious about something that matters; remember that the test isn't easy for a reason, and there have to be standards upheld. If you suffer more than most from nerves, there are natural remedies that will help lessen your anxiety and won't affect your driving. Have a chat with your pharmacist to see what they recommend.


Failing a driving test can be a stressful experience, but it doesn't have to be the end of the world. It's important to remember that nerves are natural, and everybody gets anxious when they take their test. There are natural remedies that can help reduce anxiety without affecting driving performance. Talk to your pharmacist to find out what they recommend. Additionally, practice makes perfect. Take the time to review the material, practice the maneuvers, and make sure you understand the rules of the road. Finally, don't forget to take a deep breath and stay positive. With a little practice and patience, you'll be able to pass the test and get your license.


Work on Your Weak Points

Examiners will tell you what you have failed on, so focus on improving those points. Get in as much practice as you can during lessons, or ask a relative or friend to supervise you. Practise the manoeuvres over and over again until you feel comfortable with them.

Famous Quotes

Happiness depends upon ourselves.


The Number Doesn't Matter

Don't compare yourself to other people. If they passed on their first attempt, good for them. But someone who passed first time may have then had little practical experience, and be a bad driver when let loose on the roads, whereas a driver who passed later on may actually be a better driver.


You Will Get There in the End

It doesn't make you a bad driver if you don't pass first time, and it certainly doesn't mean you'll never pass. Look at me - remember it took me four attempts! However disheartening it is to fail your test, the only way to pass is to keep at it. You'll get there in the end.

When you fail your driving test, it leaves you disappointed that you won't be able to get on the road straight away. You also feel a failure. But you didn't pass the test - you're not a failure as a person! So see it as not passing, rather than failing, and keep at it. Did you have a driving test disaster?

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I had an accident ... backed out of a driveway. Never had an accident before.

Lol don't sweat it! You'll get it eventually I failed 2ce in one day. Got it my 3rd time lol. Thank god I made 4 apt at 4 different testing places lol

Am ready to take my sec test now..thank you ;)

lol yup i failed 6 times before i finally got it honestly it was just because i was so anxious & barely practiced & kept retaking it every week smh

Yep thats how I did it !

I needed this, failed my first test last week. Will get some more practice

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