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7 Tips on Passing a Class That You're Close to Failing ...

By Holly

When you’re worried about your grades, you should use these tips on passing a class. You don’t want to end up in summer school or re-taking a course that you’ve already sat through once. You’ll have to work hard, but your effort will be worth it. If you’re scared about your grades dropping, here are some tips on passing a class:

1 Never Give up

No matter how late in the semester it is, you should still try your best. An excellent grade on a test could boost your average enough to make you pass the class. You shouldn't take the easy route and give up. Never be defeated! One of the tips on passing a class is to try to do your best, even if you feel like it’s too late in the semester to change your fate. You never know how much a few final grades can influence your overall grade.

2 Ask for Opportunities

Most teachers get annoyed when students ask them for extra credit opportunities at the last moment. However, that shouldn’t stop you from inquiring. You never know when they’ll actually give you an assignment to help your grade. Of course, if you can talk to them earlier in the semester, do so. Build a relationship with them so they know that you’re trying. If they see the effort you put in, they’ll give you advice on how to boost your grades or will remember your hard work when grading your tests.

3 Try out a Tutor

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. If your school doesn’t offer extra help or tutoring sessions for free, you could always ask a friend for assistance. If you don’t have anyone to help you, pay for a tutor. The money you spend will be worth it once you see your improvement. It’s not a waste when it’s helping you reach your graduation requirements.

4 Realize the Worth

You’re going to end up in classes that you simply don’t care about. You don’t see how it’ll help you in the future, so why bother? In order to do your best, you have to find a reason to try your best. Even if the class seems pointless, think about the ways that it’s helping you. Once you realize that the material you’re learning actually is important, you’ll be more willing to learn it and ace your next exam.

5 Take the Time

If you’re doing poorly in a class, you have to make more time for it. Despite how busy your schedule is, you need time to study. Your grades aren’t determined by what you do in the classroom. They’re second handedly determined by what you do outside of it. If you don’t dedicate time to reading your textbooks and doing sample problems, you’re never going to get the grades you’re aiming to achieve.

6 Listen up

Stop skipping class. Listen to everything the teacher has to say. It’s easy to daydream or get sidetracked with conversations with classmates, but you need to focus all of your attention toward the lecture. Some professors mainly discuss the items that will be on a test, so it’s important to listen to them. They could be your key to getting a great grade.

7 Don't Stress Too Much

If you’re worried about failing a class, you’re going to be stressed out. You should study as much as possible, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Don’t feel bad when you take breaks to eat, sleep, or relax. It’s healthier to take a breather every hour or so, so that you don’t get too overwhelmed. Breaks will help you focus more in the future.

There's never a time to give up. Try your hardest, and you'll be rewarded! Have you ever passed a class you were convinced you would fail?

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