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7 Tips on How to Develop the Sherlock Holmes Intuition ...

By Corina

Everyone can develop the famous Sherlock Holmes intuition if they will put a bit of effort into enhancing certain skills they have. When it comes to intuitive skills, Sherlock Holmes is a legendary figure, being famous for solving some of the greatest mysteries. A lot of great philosophers, like Immanuel Kant, have emphasized the importance of a good intuition in our everyday life and the huge impact it has on our personal development. According to Carl Gustav Jung, “Intuition is one of four major functions of the human mind along with sensation, thinking, and feeling.” He also said, “I regard intuition as a basic psychological function that mediates perception in an unconscious way.” Here are a few pretty useful tips on how to develop the Sherlock Holmes intuition:

1 Improve Your Observation Skills

One of the easiest ways to develop the Sherlock Holmes intuition is by improving your observation skills. You decode all the information you receive from your environment using all five senses, so try to pay close attention to them. Focus on one thing at a time. Your observation is heightened when you take yourself out of that experience and you simply look at it as if you were just a curious bystander.

2 Meditate

Meditation will help you relax and clear your mind, so you will be able to assimilate new information and you’ll realize what’s really important in every situation. You could also practice some relaxation techniques that will help you regain your strength and make you feel more energized. Meditation will surely improve your observation skills since it will help you focus on the important details, and you’ll also recognize the things that don’t concern you and which don’t deserve your attention.

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3 Learn to Read Body Language

There are plenty of books on how to read body language. Allan Pease and his wife Barbara Pease are real gurus in this field. Also, Paul Ekman is a very famous psychologist and co-discoverer of micro expressions. Actually, the hit TV show “Lie to Me” is based on his research. Find his books and start reading! Just be aware that reading body language has its limitations, so keep this as a consideration the next time you are trying to decipher somebody’s behavior.

4 Use Puzzles

You could use puzzles to help you practice your observation skills. You can find the difference between two images or find hidden words or images. They are also so much fun and they will help you sharpen your intuitive skills. Practice these frequently and you will be able to rely on your intuition more often, since this skill will seem like second nature to you.

5 Be Patient

Be patient, because you can’t develop your intuitive skills overnight! Learning takes time, so don’t rush into assuming things too quickly! When you rush things, you tend to overlook a lot of factors, such as things that might make you come to the wrong conclusions. It’s not impossible to learn how to be more patient, just work on boosting your willpower and practice self-disciple more often!

6 Be a Better Listener

In order to develop the famous Sherlock Holmes intuition, first you should try to become a better and more attentive listener. There are plenty of books to choose from on how to improve your listening abilities! Remember: Sherlock Holmes was a master at this art. In order to become a better listener, you should work on improving your concentration and on boosting your memory, since “A good listener will pick up not only what is said but also that which is not said, the gaps which often tell the other half of the story.”

7 Never Underestimate People

Never underestimate people! We are all unique individuals and there’s always more than meets the eye. Don’t be fooled by the obvious and don’t let the appearances mislead you! Sherlock Holmes always recognized the complexity of others by saying: "A complex mind. All great criminals have that."

I’m a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes, I’ve read all the books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and I absolutely love the BBC's modern interpretation of Sherlock. He made us familiar with what good deduction skills mean and sometimes listening to your intuition can be very helpful in everyday situations. Do you have good intuitive skills? What other tips on how to develop a good intuition can you share with us? Do tell!


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