7 Amazing Tips on How to Develop a Super-Power Memory ...


7 Amazing Tips on How to Develop a Super-Power Memory ...
7 Amazing Tips on How to Develop a Super-Power Memory ...

Whether you want to pass your exams with high grades, or whether you are just being curious, I’m pretty sure you would like to know how to develop a super-power memory. A lot of things could affect your memory, like, for example, a decrease in the amount of your neurotransmitters, all those hormonal changes that occur to our bodies, lack of sleep or especially stress, which could decrease your blood flow and stimulate cortisol production. In order to avoid all the unpleasant and unwanted things associated with a bad memory, you must always work on improving your memory. It’s actually quite easy to learn how to develop a super-power memory; you just need a little patience and a bit of work and you will be very pleased be the results.

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Don’t Give up on Your Social Life!

If you want to learn how to develop a super-power memory, you should never ever give up on your social life. Always try to be surrounded by your loved ones, whether they’re your friends or your family. Studies show that people who take part in one or two social activities every week improve their memory with at least 13% and the ones who attend three or even more social events each week can improve their memory with 33%.


Eat the Right Foods

The first step to take in order to develop a super-power memory is to make sure you always eat the right healthy foods. A balanced diet rich in essential amino acids, omega-3, minerals and vitamins will ensure you to have a sharp mind. Try eating nuts, seeds (sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds), and fruits (berries, apricots especially pineapple and dried cranberries). There are more and more studies that show that omega-3 fatty acids are extremely beneficial to your brain and you can find them in salmon, tuna, trout or sardines.


Drink Some Green Tea

Lately, a lot of studies have focused on the amazing benefits that green tea can offer you. Also, a lot of scientists have discovered that this apparently common drink has such an important role in preventing and fighting Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of cellular degradation because it contains polyphenols (a type of antioxidant) that will increase your learning ability. If you haven’t already tried this type of tea, give it a chance; it’s quite tasty!


Associate Specific Terms with Images

Studies have shown the fact that it is much easier to remember something if you’ve first associated that information with a specific image. Our brain stores information based on previous experiences, and that’s why, you automatically tend to associate new information with certain events or images in order to retain them more easily. Make sure to remember that the next time you need to learn something!



I’m sure you already know how important it is to your health to exercise as often as possible, but maybe you didn’t know that by exercising you also increase your blood flow and this way, you’ll bring more oxygen and glucose to your brain. Studies have shown the fact that after a 20 minutes workout your brain learns 20% faster than after a sedentary work. Apparently, the more intense and demanding is the exercise, the more increases the storage capacity of your brain.


Think about Everything You Did during That Day

This is a very simple yet effective exercise for improving your memory: every night before going to sleep, while you lie down in your bed, try to remember step by step everything you did during that day. Start with the moment you woke up and got out of bed and continue remembering everything to the slightest detail till the moment you got back in your bed again. Try to visualize every little detail and every step you took during that day. By doing this at least two or three time a week, you will surely be one step closer to having a super-power memory.


Repeat the Information You Want to Remember

Repetition is one of the most efficient methods for improving your memory and retaining all the knowledge you’ve just acquired. This method is also very simple, it only requires some time and patience because it’s quite monotonous and you can get bored very easily. Despite that little downside, it’s also extremely effective because it uses your brain’s natural mechanisms of transferring new information from your short term memory to your long term one.

If you seek and need to accumulate more knowledge, then you must definitely work on improving your memory. It’s actually quite easy to develop an amazing memory; you just need some work and a bit of motivation. I’m sure that there are a lot of ways to improve your memory that I haven’t mentioned and a lot different methods that work for certain people. So, can you give me a hand, do you know any other tips on how to develop a super-power memory?

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gonna try :-)

SLEEP! Getting adequate hours of sleep during the week is essential to brain & memory function. These were fantastic tips!! I'm adding green tea & social time to my week for sure!

Also playing memory puzzles could improve our memory ,i suggest Lumosity games its really work with me.

Awesome tips, I have been using some of them and they definitely work! ;)

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