7 Tips on How to Talk on the Phone More Efficiently ...

At a first glance I’m sure many of you would be tempted to say that everybody knows how to talk on the phone (I know I would). Yes, this might be true; yet, few of us know how to talk on the phone efficiently. In this little article you will find a few useful tips that have been tested before, and which will offer amazing results if you want to increase the efficiency of your phone-calls. So, read on and find out how you can use your phone to its full potential!

1. Keep in Mind the Purpose of Your Call

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One of the most efficient tips for how to talk on the phone I could give you is to tell you to always keep in mind the purpose of your phone-call. Sometimes, you might tend to talk too much on the phone (I know I do) but, by remembering first why do you want or need to call a certain person, your discussion will head in the right direction and you will be more efficient.

2. Smile While You Talk on the Phone

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Try to always smile while you talk on the phone! Smiling will help you instill warmth and kindness to your voice and the other one will perceive you as being a polite, friendly, well-intended person. You can try looking at yourself in the mirror while talking on the phone and by doing this, you’ll remember to smile more often.

3. Use Names as Often as Possible

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By using the name of the person you talk to, whether you do it on the phone or not, you will be perceived as being more friendly and more attentive towards other people’s needs. You will also prove that you are paying attention to the conversation and to the person you’re talking to. Everybody likes to be heard and especially understood. So, try to use this very simple tip as often as possible!

4. Pay Attention to Your Conversation!

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Every time you talk on the phone, try to pay very close attention to your conversation. Don’t multitask! Maybe you will succeed doing more things at once but their quality might not be that great. So, try not to browse the web or check your e-mail or your social network accounts while you talk on the phone, especially if it’s an important phone call.

5. Listen Carefully!

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Always listen carefully to what the other person you talk to on the phone is saying! Pay attention especially to his/her first words. You can learn so much and you can find out a lot of things only after a few seconds of conversation. You can figure out if that person is eating, is in an important meeting or doing something else, and by keeping in mind the purpose of your phone-call you will know if it should be better to call her another time.

6. Be Aware of Your Tone

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Every time you talk to someone on the phone, try as much as possible, to pay attention to the tone of your voice. As I said before, try to smile as often as possible because this will make you seem more friendly. If you’re not in the mood for that, if you’re upset or if you have something else on your mind, then try to postpone the call for another time. Try not to convey your negative emotions to the other person!

7. Stand While You Talk on the Phone

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This is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve learned about talking on the phone more efficiently! It always pays off! Try to stand while you talk on the phone and by doing this, your voice will appear much stronger and more energetic. You will also seem more convincing and more determined.

So, there you go**:** these were my tips on how to talk on the phone in an optimal manner. I hope you will find them useful and that you’ve enjoyed reading this little article! Do you know any other tips on how to talk on the phone more efficiently? Please share them with me!

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