13 Cute Apps to Personalize Your IPhone ...


13 Cute Apps to Personalize Your IPhone ...
13 Cute Apps to Personalize Your IPhone ...

If you’re an iPhone addict like I am, you’re probably also always on the lookout for apps to personalize your iPhone. Though I’m not really a tech savvy type of girl, I do love finding new ways to use my iPhone, especially through apps! While many apps are very useful in helping us with things, others are just plain fun to use! If you’re looking for cute, girly, or creative ways to make your iPhone look unique to your personal style, then check out these handy and mostly free apps to personalize your iPhone.

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Cartoon Home Screen Wallpaper

Cartoon Home Screen Wallpaper itunes.apple.com
This app is one of the cutest apps to personalize your iPhone that I’ve found. Not only is it filled with tons of girly and whimsical wallpapers, but you can also pick adorable frames for your icons and pick which frames go where. Some fun ones I picked for my iPhone were cupcake frames, Hello Kitty frames, butterfly frames, strawberry patch frames and virtually anything pink. They also have cute cartoon character frames like frogs, ladybugs, and more. You can even download special frames for your favorite web pages and add them to your home screen! This app is completely free and you can change anything anytime you want. Holiday wallpapers and icon frames are also available.


The selection here is endless, allowing you to dive into a sea of cuteness every time you unlock your phone. Whether you're a fan of pastels or vibrant hues, there's a wallpaper or icon frame to suit your style. Get ready to match your mood or outfit with a quick swap of themes. Plus, the app updates its collection regularly, so you'll never run out of fresh and adorable options to brighten up your device. And the best part? Each wallpaper shines with a charming touch that can make your day a little bit brighter every time you glance at your screen.



Cuptakes itunes.apple.com
This app is super cute and also really useful. You can pick from a variety of girly wallpapers, some whimsical, some chic, and some super sophisticated. They are all extremely colorful as well. One of my favorite features about this app is that it customizes a new theme for each calendar month for your phone automatically, which is really fun, in my opinion. It also has customization icons and shelf holders, which enhances its appeal. This app is only 99 cents and one of the top rated ones online for female apps to personalize your iPhone.


App Icon by Happio Workshop

App Icon by Happio Workshop itunes.apple.com
Want a cute leopard background for your icons? Or maybe, you’d like a pink one, blue one, or purple one. Perhaps you want a different icon background color for each icon. Either way, this app has you covered. It’s actually a very basic app with low ratings, but I found it extremely easy to use, and easy to personalize my app icons on my iPhone with this one. You can also personalize your home screen, create shortcuts for web apps and personalize them into their own icons, create icons for anyone in your address book, import images from your photo album to personalize app icons and there are endless combinations of built-in combinations you can make. There is no internet connection required, and this app is free.


Topping Pro

Topping Pro itunes.apple.com
This app is also a really simple and fun one to use. You can personalize your wallpaper, icons, shelves and more and create “toppings” for each app. This app has all the basics covered plus a few more key features. You can even make your own home screens with cute and unique character designs. You simply drag your “toppings” choices to wherever you want them on your home screen. I personally love the different colors this app has, suitable for anyone.


Pink Home Screen Designer

Pink Home Screen Designer itunes.apple.com
This app is truly one of my favorites for making my iPhone look more girly. It is filled with pink images and design features for your iPhone. Warning, this is for the true girly girl ladies! It was originally designed as a Valentine’s Day app, but I love how girly it is, I use it on my phone all year since it doesn't say "Happy Valentine's Day" or anything. You can mix and match different designs for icons, wallpapers, fonts, Caller IDs, app shelves and more. It’s also free, which is great if you want to try it out to see if you like it.


Calculator in Pink

Calculator in Pink itunes.apple.com
Just as it sounds, this is an app to personalize your iPhone calculator, all in girly pink colors, of course! This is a simple app, yet a fun one. It’s not hard to use or incorporate, and it makes doing math a little more fun. I know I could certainly use something bright and cheery when I’m adding up my grocery purchases at the store, making sure not to go overboard! This app is also free.


Text One Pink

Text One Pink itunes.apple.com
I love, love, love this app, so I saved it for last. If you’re looking for simple, girly, and fun, this is it! This app makes every text girly, bright and cheerful. It does not cost anything per message to use, is free with your phone’s data subscription, and it is straightforward in design features. It simply makes all the texts you send pink, as well as the messages. Pink backgrounds are also available, along with your message log, which appears as a pink display. Maybe you don’t want to use the pink messaging app to send a message to your boss or someone else in your professional life. No worries! Just simply use the regular messaging icon that comes built into your phone. This app costs 99 cents, and in my opinion, is worth the cost.


Pimp Your Screen

Pimp Your Screen itunes.apple.com
Customize your background and your icon skins with this really cool app with a cool name! You can even make your background look like shelves that your app icons are sitting on, I told you it was cool.



Screen itunes.apple.com
Did you know you could change your lock screen to show your calendar? Well now you can with this really cool app called, "Screen"...makes sense huh! You can also add text to your lock screen wallpaper as well, now that's a great way to customize!


Icon Skins

text,mobile phone,smartphone,portable communications device,font, itunes.apple.com
Download this app and you'll have access to new and adorable (and holiday themed too) icon skins every week. The skins are designed to be easy to see and fun to look at without having to page through hundreds of thousands of choices. The resolution is great and the selection is updated weekly. You'll never have to suffer with the same look for too long with this app.



text,image,font,screenshot,brand, itunes.apple.com

Not only does this app have a really fun name, but it gives you a hilarious way to personalize and lock your iPhone screen. You can create a random face on your lock screen, or customize it to your own specifications. With more than 700 combinations, you can get a new and exciting lock screen look every day for nearly two years!



color,art,design,pattern,advertising, itunes.apple.com

This app is a great choice if you want access to fun new wallpapers all the time. There are hundreds of designs that you won't see on any other apps, which means you can truly personalize your iPhone so it doesn't look like anyone else's. The only problem will be choosing which one you want first.


Dialer Keypad

text,font,weather,screenshot,diagram, itunes.apple.com

If you're bored with the same old dialer look on your iPhone, download this app and you'll never be bored again. You can change the appearance and color of you dialer with ease. Choose from many combinations so you can switch things up whenever the mood strikes. Your keypad will never look like your friends' ever again!

Have you all found any girl apps you like to use to personalize your phone? I am always searching for new ones, primarily where you can change the colors of individual icons such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Let me know what you find so I can use your favorite apps too!

This article written in collaboration with editor, Eliza Martinez

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Sorry I commented on the wrong article.

I tried pink homescreen its so so..

Cocoppa is actually super easy to use in my opinion and i love it

Cocoppa is awesome

Amazin xx

also try cocoppa it's amazing

Cocoppa is really cool too. A little hard to use tho.

The app is cool and yes free, but it's only free for the first 3 apps you design. Then message pops that you have to upgrade to full version for $1.99 to do anymore.

Cocoa papa made mine AND my daughters phones crash. We immediately deleted it. Too bad ... It was s great concept and cute graphics!

I would have thought for sure cocoppa would have been on here?? Btw co coppa has gotten better

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