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7 Userfriendly Apps with Awesome Interfaces ...

By Hirva

If you have a smartphone, chances are you are using apps...and loads of them! Hirva investigates which apps are user friendly and look good. Thanks Hirva!

Apps, apps, apps! They are everywhere aren't they? Using apps becomes a pleasurable journey only if its design is user friendly and attractive, neat and clean. So let’s quickly check out some cool apps which have some great interfaces.

1 What’s in My Bag

What’s in My

This app helps you organize items that are in your bags and purses. It's a beautiful app with a feminine touch. The items which you enter in the app are seen as studded pink flowers on a handbag. You tap the flower and you can view your item. Even the tutorial feature has really nice effects. The overall design idea makes you feel that the app is rightly made only for women.

2 Weather

This has to be one of the most beautiful apps for weather. It has amazing transparent background designs which change with the time of the day. The data is well organized, the weather report is quick and simple and the graphics are just stunning.

3 Ease My Wardrobe

Ease My

The first thing you will notice is a nicely designed icon depicting a wardrobe. The app helps you organize your clothes virtually and also gives you a virtual dressing room to style you up. You can place your clothes side by side along with your accessories, bags, shoes, caps and check what suits you best. The app has a toolbar by which you can quickly select your outfits and style them. All the features are handy and user friendly.

4 Fotopedia Heritage


The app has a beautiful icon and it has more than 30,000 photos! It’s termed as world’s largest photo book, an inspiring travel book and quite educating. The icons, graphics, buttons which impressively organized are worth seeing.

5 Home Items Manager

Home Items

With this app you can keep track of your home items in different categories like furniture, electronics, garage and many others. You can add your own categories too. Take pictures, add details like price, date of purchase, insurance copy etc. Moreover this app comes with password protection. It has a lovely theme color and the tabs have a wonderful effect!

6 Flipboard

Stay connected with the world with this news app. The app is dressed in white and red and has great pop ups, comment boxes, navigation buttons, social bookmarking, lists and amazing fonts.

7 Evernote

I love the elephant on its icon! Stay organized, save your notes, ideas, photos and remember everything. The iPad version looks really amazing. Your notes, photographs are beautifully well organized and I promise you'll love this app!

These are just a few of the thousand amazing apps out there. I would love to share more in future. Please feel free to share your favorite apps!

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