8 Free Apps for Personal Development ...


8 Free Apps for Personal Development ...
8 Free Apps for Personal Development ...

In response to the comments on the post about self help and growth apps, here are some free apps for personal development. You’ll be pleased to know that this time, a link is included so you’re able to click on any you fancy and download them straight away. I hope you find these free apps for personal development as useful as the other list.

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Brain Trainer by Lumosity

The Lumosity Brain Trainer consists of 10 separate brain games designed to test your flexibility, memory, problem solving, and the speed at which you process things. 14 million people have used this brain trainer. Over time, it develops your brain and forces it to become more powerful. The best part about it is it only takes a few minutes to complete each game. Each game directly corresponds with a different type of cognitive ability, which makes this one of the best free apps for personal development.

Lumosity Brain Trainer - Lumos Labs, Inc.


Lumosity Brain Trainer is an app developed by Lumos Labs, Inc. that consists of 10 separate brain games that are designed to test users' cognitive abilities, such as flexibility, memory, problem solving, and speed. It only takes a few minutes to complete each game, and the app has been used by over 14 million people. The app has been proven to help users develop their brains and become more powerful. Additionally, it is free to use and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. This makes Lumosity Brain Trainer one of the best free apps for personal development available today.


E-Type Personality Test

There are plenty of apps for personal development that focus on an important aspect of growth – your personality. Unfortunately, all the better apps have a purchase cost so if you really do want some insight using the most well know profile testing methods you will have to pay for a suitable app. However, there is Kwizi. The fun thing about this app is that instead of you answering interminable lists of questions to determine your personality, it uses visual cards. It’s a quick and easy method of identifying your personality type and if you use it with friends, it offers insights into how you all relate to each other.

Kwizi - Free Personality Quiz - Mars Electric


The Kwizi app, while not one of the renowned psychological assessments like the MBTI or Enneagram, still offers a playful approach to self-discovery. Through the use of visual stimuli, users find it less tedious and more engaging than traditional tests. After getting your results, Kwizi opens the door for a deeper understanding of your traits, which can be quite enlightening when compared with others. It's a reflection tool that encourages open-minded discussions and can even foster stronger bonds by revealing how various personality types interact with one another.


Career Patterns

Career advice is always going to be useful, and none more so when you really have no idea of what you want to do. With a series of questions created by psychologists, and based on your interests, you can learn which careers you have the aptitude for and ones you might most enjoy.

Career Patterns - Signal Patterns


Exploring career possibilities can seem overwhelming, but thanks to technology, guidance is readily available at your fingertips. By considering your personality traits, skills, and values, these apps can help align your career path with what will give you both satisfaction and success. They draw from research-backed frameworks to suggest professions you might not have considered, making the process both enlightening and exciting. Plus, they often include tips on building a resume and preparing for interviews, giving you a comprehensive toolkit for your job search journey.



It’s all very well having goals but how do you track them or measure your success in achieving them? Why, with this terrific little app, of course. With Goaltracker you can record your goals on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. The reminders you set yourself should soon become habit and you can feel pleased with yourself as you tick off the goals you’ve set yourself.

GoalTracking - canApps


GoalTracker is a free app that helps you stay on track with your goals. It allows you to set reminders for yourself on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, so you can easily keep track of your progress. With GoalTracker, you can set goals and track your success, helping you stay motivated and achieve your goals. It is a great tool for anyone looking to improve their personal development and reach their goals. It is also easy to use and can be accessed from any device.



Motivation is so much easier if it is fun or where you can see progress and tangible results. Chains.cc is one of those personal development apps where you really can see how you are doing against those goals you have set yourself. The tasks and goals you set are combined to link chains as you achieve them – the motivation is to not let the chains break.

Chains.cc - Siirre Transplants


Chains.cc is a free personal development app that helps users stay motivated to reach their goals. The app allows users to set tasks and goals that link together to form chains. As users complete tasks and goals, the chains become longer and the motivation to not let them break increases. The app is suitable for a range of lifestyle goals, such as learning a new language, starting a new hobby, or getting organized. With its easy-to-use interface and helpful features, Chains.cc is a great tool for anyone looking to enhance their personal development.


Buddha Box

Sometimes a lack of concentration arises purely because we can’t take some time to relax. At your desk, it’s difficult to just put those memos down and take a few minutes for yourself. With Buddha Box you can. Simply put the timer on this free app for spiritual development and plug your earphones in. These soothing sounds and chants from a Buddhist monastery allow you to drift away to your own personal paradise.

Buddha Box - Prashant Yadav


The 9 Personalities Test

Self growth begins with knowing and understanding yourself and there are plenty of personality assessment apps available. One of the better free self development apps is this one. Working on the premise that there are basically 9 different personality types, you can find out which type you are. This will help you understand what motivates and drives you and assists in setting your goals.

The 9 personalities test - Movisol


Brain Games II

Brain Games II is a highly challenging app which stretches your logical capabilities to their absolute maximums. It only includes five games, but each game has hundreds of levels. With clean tutorials and cutting edge graphics, this is a useful app for people of all ages. And it allows you to track your performance, so you can watch as your cognitive capabilities grow over time.

Brain Games II (5 IN 1) Deluxe - Bakhram
A Bonus App
I know I’ve said these are all free apps for personal development, but I just have to share this one with you.

Self Help Classics - success, self help & inspiration library - Brie I. Alexandru-Horia "Informatica" Persoana Fizica Autorizata

This is currently on sale for just $0.99 and is absolutely crammed with words of wisdom and advice on a very wide range of subjects and from some very familiar names. Definitely worth checking out at this price.

Personally, I think you get what you pay for with free apps. They are a good introduction to self development, but they probably don’t go that extra mile to help you really achieve in the way that some paid apps will. Try some of the free apps for personal development but then consider investing in a paid app to really get things moving. Let us know about any other apps that have helped you.

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Brain games II isn't free.

I cant download any of them because im Candadian

Buddha Box is not free.

Thank you so much. I downloaded every one of them and it couldn't have come at a better time! Love the links, btw.

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