50 Cheap 💰 but Creative 🎨 Ways to Have Fun 🤗 ...


You shouldn’t ever let being on a tight budget keep you from having fun. Back in the day when I was younger; as I don’t consider 50 being old, I knew better than to ask my parents for money in order to do things. My siblings and I found cheap and creative ways to get rid of boredom without spending any money.

We would get together with our cousins that lived close and turned old plastic into an impromptu slip and slide. We used empty toilet paper rolls, paper towels rolls, and soda bottles filled with beans and rice for instruments. We found plants to use as “food” along with homemade mud pies and we entertained ourselves for hours. We might have driven our parents crazy, but we had fun.

We didn’t wait for vacation times before having fun. We had fun every day and it really didn’t matter what we did. We had fun because we were together and we enjoyed our times together.

I don’t think I would enjoy spending my Saturdays now shaking a homemade maraca or beating a coffee can drum, but there’s nothing stopping me from being creative during my downtime. I don’t spend my days looking at a tablet or computer screen or totally immersed in chores. I like to find a new cross-stitch pattern that I haven’t done or pull out my jewelry makings supplies and let my creative juices flow.

Here are some cheap but creative ways to get out and enjoy your weekend.

1. Take a Flip the Penny Hike. Assign Each Member as Either Left or Right. when You Get to a Fork in the Road, You Flip the Penny to See What Direction You Will Go in. Make Sure to Keep Track of Where You Are in Order Not to Get Lost

Use Technology and Have a Scavenger Hunt
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