9 Charming Craft Projects for a Beach Holiday ...


9 Charming Craft Projects for a Beach Holiday ...
9 Charming Craft Projects for a Beach Holiday ...

Craft Projects for a Beach Holiday are perfect for the upcoming warmer months. I don't know about you but I already have 3 beach holidays planned for the summer. And yes, I will be tackling at least one of these** craft projects for a beach holiday** before these trips. Read on to see which items for your beach holiday you can DIY.

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Sun Hat

Sun Hat Rubbing sunblock on your face and shoulders isn't enough; a sun hat is a must-make from this list of** crafts for a beach holiday**. As you can see from the photo above, making this sun hat is incredibly easy. I love that you have a choice when it comes to the color of your hat and rope. How about something that will beautifully complement your bikini?



Portable Windscreen

Portable Windscreen If you're going to a public beach, you might want to bring something that will afford you some privacy. The windscreen above is ideal; it looks better than your typical tent and will not rob you of your precious sunshine.



Drawstring Tote

Drawstring Tote A Field Journal is one of my favorite design and DIY blogs. The link below leads to a post about a DIY drawstring beach bag. This is an adorable craft project for a beach holiday, especially for those who like having their essentials in an easy-to-carry bag.



Beach Chairs

Beach Chairs How awesome are these chairs? This looks complicated but it isn't. You will only need to find ready-made beach chairs and replace the nylon part. That's basically it. Printed fabric is essential.



Beach Tote

Beach Tote Here is another beautiful craft project for a beach holiday that you simply have to try. Isn't this yellow stripes fabric delightful? I think blue stripes will work, too.



Portable Game Board

Portable Game Board Sure there are compact board games but this place mat idea is genius. Of course, I had to include it in this list of fun craft projects for a beach holiday.



Beach Balls

Beach Balls Why buy beach balls when you can make some? This is a great beach craft project because you can go crazy with the fabric combos. And you know how I love sewing projects that call for fabric scraps, right? So yeah, I think this DIY idea is all sorts of fantastic.



Waterproof Book Covers

Waterproof Book Covers So you're sitting on the sand, enjoying the sun, when a group of unruly teens run near you. They fancy themselves cool and shake water all over the place. Droplets land on your precious book. Thankfully, you made a vinyl cover for your choice of beach reading.



The Sunbathing Companion

The Sunbathing Companion How wonderful is that name? If the beach holiday is a "me" time for you, all you need is this sunbathing companion. Check out the tutorial below to see how you can sew one.


My favorites among these** craft projects for a beach holiday** are the sunbathing companion, waterproof book covers, and the beach balls. Hope you found some fab ideas from these beach holiday DIY projects, too. If you have more to add, hit us up via the comments below.

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