7 Amazing and Wholesome Ways to Experience Indian Culture ...


Marrying into an Indian family, I've taken part in different ways to experience Indian culture. It's beautiful to experience such a colorful, gorgeous and talented culture, right in your own home! It's a wonderful opportunity to enrich yourself as a person when you explore a culture different than your own. Here are 7 amazing and wholesome ways to experience Indian culture.

1. Music

One of the best ways to experience Indian culture, or any culture for that matter, is to listen to their music! Indian music has some really fun, upbeat dance music as well as incredibly poetic and romantic music. Even if you don't understand the language, there's a deep beauty about their love songs. Here are a few songs that I feel represent Indian culture well: Khuda Jaane, Desi Girl, and Pani Da Rang. Check them out and you'll be blown away!

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