11 Unusual Hobbies to Keep You out of Mischief This Autumn ...


It’s turning colder outside and you might be looking for some more unusual hobbies to enjoy – I know I am!

Autumn is a great time to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby, and as far as unusual hobbies go, there are plenty of cool things out there to try your hand at!

1. Learn an Exotic Language

Forget the French, German or Spanish you learned at school – pick an exotic language and get learning!

In the past, I’ve longed to learn Russian, Chinese and Korean, but there are plenty of choices;

you could even study the hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt if you’re looking for something a bit different!

Learning a new language is one of my all-time favorite unusual hobbies.2

2. Take up Crochet

For something a bit different to knitting, why not learn to crochet?

It’s perhaps not that unusual, but you’ll definitely find less people trying it than knitting.

Gather a few friends and supplies and give it a go – you might find a hidden talent!

3. Try Some Origami

The art of origami was originally thought to have come from Japan, but actually originates from China – it involves the creation of figures and designs using ancient paper folding techniques (no glue is used).

You can create some really beautiful decorations and models, and this would be a great hobby to take up during the winter months, as you can add origami figures to cards and Christmas presents!

4. Master a Musical Instrument

Have you ever wanted to play the harp, or make music with a ukulele?

Pick an unusual instrument to learn and any enthusiasm you feel is sure to outweigh the doubt and fear of learning a new skill!

If you already play the piano, the harp is very similar, so you should pick it up in no time at all!

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