13 Fun Ideas for a Girls' Night in ...


Grab a bottle of wine and settle in with these fun ideas for a girls' night in.2

You don’t always have to go out, spend a ton of money, and worry about having a designated driver to experience a good night with your best lady friends.

Set a date, put on your favorite outfit or even your favorite PJs, and plan one or more of these ideas for a girls' night in...

1. Game Theme Night...


Put on your PJs, get the popcorn and wine ready, and have a few laughs with this great game theme idea for a girls' night in.

The game featured is called, “What’s a DAME to Do?!” which is all about asking the ladies what they would do in crazy situations.

Like, “You see an Ex at the grocery store and you are NOT looking your best.

What's a DAME to do?!” Me, I’d probably run for the bathroom!

From one of the makers of “What’s a DAME to Do?!” Kerri Neubek says, “What's a DAME to Do?!

(ages 18+) is the Best Girls' Night Game Ever!

Featured on The Today Show's Style Buzz, it's the perfect activity to get a girls' night in going.

Perfect for girls' nights, bridal/baby showers, bachelorette parties, family parties, all girly get-togethers!” You can find out more about the game over on amazon.com.

Chick Flick Night
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