11 Examples of Casual Sexism You Should Know about ...


Unfortunately, sexism still exists – and there are some examples of casual sexism you should know about. We women have made some huge leaps in the last decade – we’ve gone from not even having the vote and the right to own our own property, to being, legally speaking, on an equal footing to men and embarking on high-powered, high-flying careers. But the existence of initiatives such as the Hollaback! campaign proves that sexism hasn’t ended completely; and, more often than not, it’s at grass-roots level that we see it at its worst. So here are seven examples of casual sexism you should know about.


I have yet to meet a woman who hasn't been bothered in the street, one of the key examples of casual sexism. How many times have you been walking along, minding your own business, before being shouted at a man in a passing car, or bothered by some builders on the side of the road? It can be anything from a horn being tooted at you, to shouting things that are distinctly more unsavory.