7 Double Standards You Didn't Know Women Experience Every Day ...


7 Double Standards You Didn't Know Women Experience Every Day ...
7 Double Standards You Didn't Know Women Experience Every Day ...

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a double standard as, "A set of principles that applies differently and usually more rigorously to one group of people or circumstances than to another; especially : a code of morals that applies more severe standards of sexual behaviour to women than to men."

This, in short, means that different groups of people are not treated the same when it comes to an idea or situation. Sadly, we see double standards every single day. Especially when it comes to women vs. men. Here are seven that you have probably seen or experienced.

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When Women Have Casual Sex, They're Considered a Slut - but when a Man Does It, He's "the Man"

As soon as a woman embraces her sexuality, tries new things, and explores - she's given a bad reputation. Men, on the other hand, are usually given a pat on the back from their buddies for hooking up with the hottest chick or for getting some action.


When Women Are Angry, They're Irrational, Crazy, or "on Their Period" - but when a Man is Angry, It's Completely Valid

When women show sad or angry emotions, they often get called "crazy" or get asked whether it's that time of the month. When men get angry, they're just showing off their manly side and testosterone.


When Women Are Direct, They're a Bitch - when Men Are Direct, They're Forthcoming and Honest

When women express their feelings openly and honestly in a direct way, they're called a bitch. When men actively give their opinion or thoughts in a direct way, they should be praised for expressing their thoughts and emotions.


When a Woman is Good at Maths, She's a Big Nerd - when Men Are Good at Maths, They're a Genius

So often, girls are portrayed as a nerd or unattractive if they're interested in maths and science. Yet when a guy is good at those subjects, he's smart and intelligent. The same goes for professions - a woman should be a nurse while a man should be a doctor.


When a Women is in Her 30s or Older, She's No Longer "young and Sexy" - but when a Man is in His 30s or Older, He's Distinguished

Men are apparently more appealing and attractive the older they get. A woman, on the other hand, is only deemed hot and sexy when they're younger. There is no immediacy for men to settle down whereas women feel that urgency.


When a Woman Doesn't Shave, She's Gross - if a Man Doesn't Shave, It's Perfectly Fine or Acceptable

Society has taught women that they should shave their legs, armpits, and even their intimate parts. But when a man has a stubble going on, it's hardly ever given a second look. In fact, some find it attractive.


When a Woman Shows Her Cleavage or Boobs, It's Fantastic - but when She's Breastfeeding, It's the Ultimate Sin

Of late, there's been a lot of controversy surrounding women who breastfeed in public. Society has sexualised the female breasts so much that it is only acceptable when shown in a provocative manner - not when it is used to nourish and give life.

Have you experienced any of these double standards? It goes without saying that being a woman is sometimes difficult and frustrating - but we wouldn't trade it for the world because we are stunning, beautiful, and awesome creatures!

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I believe that when women get older too. They are sexier too

Old wine tastes better

^^yeah like Mariah Carey she's in her 40's and still looks really pretty

Cindy Crawford is sexy as all get out she still looks the same

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