The Personality Types You Need to Befriend to Make up the Perfect Girl Crew ...


The Personality Types  You Need to Befriend to Make up the Perfect Girl Crew ...
The Personality Types  You Need to Befriend to Make up the Perfect Girl Crew ...

The hashtags #Squad and #SquadGoals took over social media this year. We are moving away from the age of the #selfie towards the era of the Girl Crew. Are you still trying to assemble your dream girl crew? Here's a recipe for the perfect one:

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The Mom

, Every group needs a mom. Without her, you would never have any snacks, you'd all get lost on drunk nights, and you would always go for the wrong guy. The mom is wise, patient, and worrisome—but in the best way. She's prepared for any situation and basically a hero without a cape. If your friend group doesn't have a mom, then you're missing out!


The Party Animal

footwear, clothing, blue, human positions, shoe, If a group of friends was all moms, you would never do anything other than get mani-pedis and go to afternoon tea. That's why you need at least one crazy friend in your girl crew. This party animal gets your butts off the couch every weekend to go out, let loose, and have fun.


The Weirdo

clothing, footwear, lady, beauty, girl, She's weird, random, and quirky. She has the kind of personality only members of your own girl crew could love. This type of friend grows on you, but once you get her sense of humor and unusual personality, you love her to the moon and back. You can always count on her to make strange off-the-wall comments that become your squad's favorite inside jokes.


The Hippie

dress, little black dress, supermodel, fashion, leg, She really just doesn't care. Nothing you say can actually set her off because she's just that chill. Every girl crew needs someone like her to offset all of the uptight and negative energy produced by other members of the group. When everyone else is freaking out, you can count on her to be calm. She can see the silver lining in any situation!


The Femme Fatale

hair, clothing, beauty, supermodel, hairstyle, She hooks you up with free entrances to the best clubs in town, always gets free drinks, drives terribly but never gets a ticket. She looks like a model, but is the first to suggest midnight burgers and fries. Most girls envy her and most guys want to date her, but to you she's just your best friend. This member of the squad reminds you that no one is perfect, because even though she is beautiful, seductive, and usually gets everything she wants, you see her behind-the-scenes and know that she's just a person like anyone else. As an added bonus, your Instagram likes always increase when she's in the photo!


The Lady Boss

person, clothing, blue, human positions, glasses, She always knows what needs to be done, and how... and when. Even though she comes off as bossy, you know that nothing would ever get done without her. She could be an event planner or a Fortune 500 CEO, but for now, she's just the boss of your girl crew. You can count on her to make your group's dream vacation or adventure a reality.


The Fighter

photograph, clothing, image, person, woman, For some unknown reason, she is always getting into some form of drama. For that reason, she provides the entertainment for your group with all of her crazy stories. When she isn't picking fights with other people, she might have skirmishes with other members of your squad. But at the end of the day, you know that she will have your back no matter what. You never have to worry about anyone outside of your squad coming after you, because she'll definitely scare them off before they get too close.

Of course, you should never choose friends just based on what you think makes up a so-called-perfect girl crew. Every group of friends has its perfect and imperfect moments. As long as you love and support your besties, you'll be the best squad around! What other personality types do you have in your girl crew?

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