Reasons Why All Women Need a Few Good Male Friends ...


 Reasons Why All Women Need a Few Good Male Friends ...
 Reasons Why All Women Need a Few Good Male Friends ...

Every women needs her girlfriends - but male friends can be just as valuable. It's nonsense to say that men and women can't be "just friends"; they most certainly can. Besides, friendship is just as important as relationships are. But having male friends can enhance your life; here's why every female needs a few male friends …

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It Gives You Insights into Understanding Men

Do you ever feel confused by your boyfriend and how differently he thinks? Having male friends is very handy for giving you an insight into the male mind. Although not all men are the same, they do tend to have similar ways of seeing things that are different to the way women think. So it could really help you understand your boyfriend.


Interacting with male friends can often demystify the ways in which men approach communication, problem-solving, and emotional expression. This could enhance your relationship as you begin to perceive patterns in behavior and recognize certain cues that previously went over your head. It's like having a decoder for those baffling moments when men retreat into their 'caves' or seem to tackle issues with a 'fix-it' attitude rather than just listening. By gaining a broader perspective on these tendencies, you'll be equipped to navigate interactions with not just your partner, but with men in your professional and personal life as well.


Guys Are Less Competitive

One of the awful things about women is that we can be the worst critics of other women - just look at comment threads and social media for examples. Guys don't try to compete with or undermine each other. So having male friends can avoid or minimise your exposure to the competitiveness that can come from female friendships.


This isn't about putting down girlfriends – they're wonderful! – but diversity in friendships is key. In a group of guys, there’s often a different dynamic. They might be blunt, but there's a refreshing straightforwardness to it. You won’t find them obsessing over who wore it better or who's climbing the social ladder faster. Instead, they're more likely to be found bonding over last night's game or planning the next group adventure. With male friends, you get a break from the social Olympics – a chance to simply be without the subtle comparisons or competitions.


Not All Girls Are Girly

If going shopping is your idea of hell, you could benefit from having some male friends who hate shops as much as you do. Not all girls are into girly pursuits like shopping and having their nails done. If you're more into sporty and outdoor activities, you'll enjoy having male friends to spend time with.


Men Give an Honest Opinion

Girlfriends can be great for boosting your self-esteem and telling you how good you look, but even if they have the best intentions they're not doing you any favors if you're wearing something that doesn't flatter you. Men can be relied upon to give an honest opinion - and even if that's not what you want to hear, it could be what you need to hear.


Sometimes, their forthrightness comes from a place of genuine care and a different perspective. Your male friends might not grasp the ins and outs of your fashion aesthetic, but they'll likely tell it like it is, without the sugar-coating. This can be invaluable when you're shopping for a new outfit or undecided about what to wear to an important event. It's that uncensored feedback that can help you step out of your comfort zone and possibly refine your style in exciting new ways.


You Don't Have to Dress up for Them

Guy friends aren't going to expect you to dress up for them, and won't judge you if you're not wearing makeup and heels. It's good news for those days when you really don't feel like spending an hour getting ready. If they drop by unexpectedly, you won't panic if your hair is all over the place and you're wearing sweat pants. It's all cool!


They Tend to Be a Lot Simpler

On the whole, men are simple creatures. Their tastes are simple and they find it easy to make decisions. There's none of the complicated situations that women get involved in. This makes them relaxing to have as friends; they won't get upset because you want to change arrangements or drag up old grudges from years ago.


Men like Sorting Things

Another great reason to have male friends is that they love sorting and fixing things. While we're independent women and can solve a lot of problems by ourselves, we still sometimes need assistance. Men will happily help you fix your house or car, and give you advice on how to solve problems in your life.

Ultimately, someone is your friend because they bring value to your life - and that isn't dependent on their gender. But it's perfectly possible for men and women to be friends - and they can be our best friends!

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I had few male friends in high school

So true, we women have a tendency of judging each without getting to know that person, I always say get to know me first and judge me later if you have to , but all in all, I like my hi friends hey

I agree with Madmaddz. I go to an all girls school as well and boys don't really notice girls like me. But I am starting to talk to some of my guy friends from middle school.

Gone!! ^

@ Pamy_Dee, I agree with you totally, but with this article saying men aren't competitive, they are but in a different way.

I go to an all girls high school😕 it's kinda har to make guy friends when I don't know anyone

Men and women can NOT be friends. Women use male friends for money and other gain. Men play along because they want more. Men are friends with women they are attracted to. 300 pound women do NOT have male friends!

Men aren't simple and they are too competitive, and not all women are going to undermine you. And if they are then they're obviously not your friend.... so that point is kind of useless


The only really true friend who knows me is my boyfriend ( for 11 years) but i prefer to work with men. It s a lot easier

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