7 Magazines Every Woman Should Read ...

I am one magazine-obsessed lady, and have developed a list of magazines every woman should read for all of life's little needs. Magazines are fantastic reads that can give you lots of information in one short session. I can usually read a whole magazine in about 20 minutes, which makes them excellent to read while on the treadmill or in the bathtub. They can really help you zone out and relax. I even carry one in my purse so I can read one on my lunch break. Most of those celebrity ones are filled with garbage and though they can be a guilty pleasure, you wonโ€™t see any of those here. Check out these magazines every woman should read and let me know what you think!

1. Real Simple

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Whether youโ€™re age 18, 45 or anything above and in between, this is one of the top magazines every woman should read. Real Simple has loads up valuable information for all life stages, easy recipes, creative fashion ideas, cute dรฉcor ideas, and real stories from women of all ages. I love the timeless appearance of this magazine and it is one of my most favorites to place out for display each month.

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