7 Magazines Every Woman Should Read ...


7 Magazines Every Woman Should Read ...
7 Magazines Every Woman Should Read ...

I am one magazine-obsessed lady, and have developed a list of magazines every woman should read for all of life's little needs. Magazines are fantastic reads that can give you lots of information in one short session. I can usually read a whole magazine in about 20 minutes, which makes them excellent to read while on the treadmill or in the bathtub. They can really help you zone out and relax. I even carry one in my purse so I can read one on my lunch break. Most of those celebrity ones are filled with garbage and though they can be a guilty pleasure, you won’t see any of those here. Check out these magazines every woman should read and let me know what you think!

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Real Simple

Real Simple Whether you’re age 18, 45 or anything above and in between, this is one of the top magazines every woman should read. Real Simple has loads up valuable information for all life stages, easy recipes, creative fashion ideas, cute décor ideas, and real stories from women of all ages. I love the timeless appearance of this magazine and it is one of my most favorites to place out for display each month.



Glamour For the girly-girl in all of us, Glamour is all about fashion, trends, and real-life issues for women such as dating, careers, sex, fitness, dieting and more. Glamour doesn't offer crazy advice but offers simple, real solutions to anything girls want to know. I love looking through the fashion and beauty sections, but always enjoy the real-life stories in Glamour too. I've been a faithful reader since age 16 and haven’t missed an edition since. Glamour has a trendy, edgy appeal that also caters to the everyday woman.


Women’s Health

Women’s Health You don’t have to be a fitness freak to like this magazine. Women’s Health is chock full of information about life, body issues, health, fitness, and beauty tips. The magazine also features celebrity profiles and stories from real women in every single episode. I especially enjoy the colorful and vibrant layout of this magazine.


Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan Magazine Though Cosmo is actually known for its sex appeal and information on the topic, it’s also a great magazine for other reasons women may not know about. Cosmo has great beauty advice, fashion finds, shopping tips and career advice. Pick up a copy, even if you're single. You can always save those other racy articles in Cosmo for the day when you do find that special someone!


Self Magazine

Self Magazine I love Self Magazine. It is an excellent magazine for health, nutrition, and also wonderful for easy-to-cook meals and exercise options. Self has great beauty and fashion information for the everyday woman and career and financial advice too. An easy read, this magazine is very colorful and useful in many situations. I always enjoy the spotlight on a healthy celebrity to read what the stars do to keep healthy. Self stays away from that trashy feel on celebrities and showcases them more as real women. I always turn to Self during the start of each season for new meal ideas, workout trends and general female advice.


Health Magazine

Health Magazine Health is not just about health, but it’s actually a great read for all issues women face, like the rest of these magazines are. Health shies away from silly dieting advice or crazy workouts. It showcases proper nutrition in a whole foods format, yet in a trendy way. Information on popular diets, health trends and the like are always discussed to shed light on the truth behind these topics. If you like living healthy without extremes, pick up this magazine to educate and motivate yourself. I even like to save some of the recipes and post them on my fridge for future use.


Natural Health

Natural Health I value Natural Health magazine because it doesn't target weight loss, or promote a false image to women of what being beautiful is. This magazine is all about being beautiful and healthy in a natural way. Whole, clean foods are encouraged along with moderate exercise, yoga, and tips for managing stress. Healthy lifestyle options are always abundant in Natural Health. This is one health magazine that always offers a fresh approach to the conventional health magazine for women targeted towards heavier amounts of fitness and “get slim” diet plans. I always love the recipe section and finding natural beauty options like great make-up or skincare. It is not targeted towards a certain age group, which I also appreciate.

There’s just something indulgent to me to sit down with a good old magazine and have a girl’s moment for half an hour. An ounce of chocolate to accompany me doesn't hurt either! What are you favorite non-celebrity magazines that you think every woman should read?

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I love the magazine women's fiesr


I would also had men's health , even though your not male it give you the knowledge about both sides on health without it being a world controversial issue and if you have a man , help him out on some tips and maybe even try new things out :)

Cool I like Cosmo and glamour as well as allure

My neighbor gives me #2 and #5 each month. Lol

Real Simple is simply amazing!!

Ms. is great as well!

If this was my list I would have Lucky instead of Cosmo and voilá!

Good Housekeeping always has good articles and is fun to read, Clean Eating has delicious recipes. I will have to check out Natual Health.

I would throw Bust in there too!

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