7 Modern Feminism Books You Need to Read ...


7 Modern Feminism Books You Need to Read ...
7 Modern Feminism Books You Need to Read ...

Have you ever read any feminism books? From Slutwalks to No More Page Three, gender pay gaps to the shocking news that women are losing their jobs 10 times faster than men, it’s been a big year for feminism, and there’s still plenty of discussion going on. So whether you’re an expert on the subject or need to get up to speed with modern feminism, here’s the feminism books you should check out.

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How to Be a Woman…

Written by Caitlin Moran, this book is both a memoir about her time as one of Britain’s most revered columnists and a modern, fresh take on feminism. Caitlin makes great strides to remove some of the stigma associated with being a feminist, and her book has sparked plenty of debate, as well as being very easy to read. It’s a great introduction to feminism books.



Bossypants is another memoir, this time written by comedian Tina Fey. As well as debating whether women can be as funny as (or even funnier than!) men, Tina covers some of the biggest issues in modern women’s lives, notably how to not only balance a career and a family, but how to thrive at both. It’s honest and open, and it’s a great look at what needs to change to make women as successful as possible.


Full Frontal Feminism…

Jessica Valenti wrote Full Frontal Feminism to be a complete guide for young women, highlighting exactly why feminism matters. The new updated version covers everything from pop culture to health, violence to education and relationships, and Valenti’s great kick-ass writing style makes it an enjoyable read. While there are some serious, deep topics covered, this is a great book for all young women to read.


Yes Means Yes…

Written by Jessica Valenti again, this book is solely concerned with sex, and rape. The book is written as a collection of essays from a variety of authors who all believe that the popular “No means no” rape viewpoint is wrong, and that adopting a “Yes means yes” view will increase sexual health and reduce rape. Jessica argues that we need to teach men that women are collaborators and not conquests and that both genders can enjoy sex and not feel shame in order to live in a world where rape is both rare and swiftly punished. This book is both interesting and unique, and presents some very different views on feminism.


He’s a Stud, She’s a Slut and 49 Other Double Standards…

This is, essentially, a beginners guide to all the double standards that currently exist between men and women. It goes beyond the bedroom into the boardroom and the home, exploring gender pay differences, career progression differences, and even legal differences, all delivered in a humorous, sassy tone. Not only does this book provide a great education for young women, whether you are a feminist or not, but it also provides some great comebacks and coping strategies for dealing with these double standards. This is a book every young lady should read.


Female Chauvinist Pigs…

Written by Ariel Levy, this book introduces the female chauvinist pig – or the woman who embraces raunchiness and blatant sexuality, and calls it being empowered. Ariel explores the idea that male chauvinist pigs treat women as meat, and now women are doing it to themselves, and to other women. Written in a humorous, intellectual and enjoyable way, this is a great guide to why page three isn’t empowering, and how all this raunchiness is in fact a step back, not a step forward.


The Female Eunuch…

Okay, so this one was written back in the 1970s, but it’s still very relevant, and it’s a perfect viewpoint at exactly how much and how little has changed. Germaine Greer argued that sexual liberation was the key to liberating women, and back in the '70s her book was hugely debated. Greer explores her own past, her views on sex, pleasure and work, among others, and the whole book is written in such a fearless style that you’ll finish it in no time. While Greer has written more recent books on the subject, The Female Eunuch is definitely the best feminism book.

There are literally hundreds of books on every aspect of feminism, but if you want to understand exactly where the movement came from, where it’s going and how you can help, these books make great introductions! Even if your views don’t align with feminism, it’s a concept that everyone should understand fully. Have you read any great feminism books? I’d love to hear what you thought.

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Egalia's daughters by Gerd Brantenberg is pretty good (at least on swedish). Not really a feminism book. It's a satire that shows a matriarchate society

I love that you've included three of Jessica Valenti's books in this. Full Frontal is truly amazing and a great intro into Women's Studies. Stud/Slut is powerful yet the writing makes it so relatable!

I read bossy pants by Tina fey it's not completely a feminist book but it is ridiculously funny with beautiful life lessons sprinkled in. Fantastic read! I highly recommend it!

Vagina Monologues an episodic play by Eve Ensler. Each of the monologues deals with an aspect of the feminine experience. A recurring theme throughout the piece is the vagina as a tool of female empowerment, and the ultimate embodiment of individuality.

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